Hello its been a long time sence Ive been here. Hope your all doing good.

Has anyone ever heard of the ASMR phenomenon. Its like when you get deeply relaxed from like watching… Bob Ross is a good example, I get it when I watch someone move slow, or whisper. There are alot of videos on youtube. Im hooked on them. there are alot of diffrent triggers for it. If you havnt heard of it I would research it its really interesting. Its alot like yoga, or meditation. I use it to help me sleep, and relax it helps with my anxiety. So just wondering if youve ever heard of this, and what are some of your expirances with this phenomenon? Apparently there is confusion amoung the science, and medical community if it is a real thing. I mean its obviolusly been around forever, but they just recently put a name on the phenomenon.

Thanks, and good to see you again. I need to get back into LD practice.

I had no idea what it was, looked it up on Wikipedia, just skimmed to try not to bias myself (that can really change things) and went on YouTube.

I’ve tried a few, and my responses vary from being on alert, to irritation, to almost sickness. I hate that sort of noises and whispers recorded so loud you hear every squish of someone’s mouth, and feeling that in high-definition stereo burrowing into my head just makes me crazy.

I’ve got to listen to something else now because my stomach is churning.

Yea aparently certain people have ASMR, and others it dont work on. There are allso visual triggers like watching someone stretch, do yoga, or watching someone getting a massage.

From what I understand, there are lots of different triggers, and they vary widely person to person.

I also hate the loud, up-close whispering sounds, but each person is unique in how a sound will affect them.

I haven’t found ASMR to be particularly enjoyable, but it’s likely that I just haven’t found the right sound yet! :razz:

I also have ASMR! And I enjoy watching ASMR videos as well. :smile: They are so relaxing. Though ASMR is not just about feeling relaxed, but you feel pleasant tingles going down your scalp and your back, and sometimes the whole body.

:peek: I have asmr!! I discovered it was called that probably about a year ago and boy was I relieved and pleased to know that I’m not the only one who has it. I’ve been that way my whole life so it was astounding to know it was an actual thing. I love watching people scrape food out of yogurt and pudding containers. It makes me feel amazing and helps me get ready to fall asleep. I also love watching people open things. :3

i really don’t want to know if i have it or not but i thing i do. i usually only get those tingles when i listen to certain music and most of those sounds creep me out (especially the whispering that makes me feel extremely unsettled).

I discovered I could trigger ASMR at will as a child and also change the intensity from subtle to VERY high if I wanted. For many years I had no idea what it was and what to do with it so I just did it every other year or so to see if I could still do it. But I picked up meditation two months ago and last night I combined the techniques, which was unbelievably relaxing - maybe that’s how cats feel when you pat them? :grinning: My goal is to try this in an LD sometime.

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So did i,whenever i felt anything wet or felt some squishing noises (like chocoloate wrappers)i would trigger ASMR

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Ah, man, ASMR is diviinee!!! I don’t even get tingles (I think), I just find it incredibly relaxing and helpful, and I’ve listened to it many nights for the past ~8 years. If anybody wants recommendations, I’m happy to offer them!

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