I stepped off a short ladder yesterday, and pulled a muscle in my
lower back. Not too severe, but I woke up about 2:30 in the morning,
turned over in bed and the pain was really bothering me, so I got up and
took a 325 mg. aspirin, and about an hour later boys and girls, I was in Lucid Land big time! :happy:
Long lasting too (for me), about 5 minutes, better control than usual.
It was nice, because It had been about a month without any Lucid activity.
Anyway, don’t know if it was the pain, the aspirin, or an abnormal back to bed time.
Just another anecdote for your consideration…

Fortunately we are mad enough to test it:)
Ill report if theres anything to report:)

Mad Jack! :cool_laugh:
Life’s one great big laboratory anyway. Please forgive me if it turns
out to be a wild goose chase. If there was something to this I figure
it probably would have been discovered a long time ago.

I pulled a muscle in my back when my body got twisted around while taking an armbar in jiu jitsu. I woke up at, like, 2:40 AM. At around 6:00 AM, I took a shower, took two aspirin PMs, and went to sleep (They made me drowsy.)

I didn’t have any lucid activity, but I did have some weird dreams. One involved hallucinating while eating M&Ms, and seeing weird, cell-shaped boxes when shaking a bottle of seltzer water around. Nothing special, though.

When I WILD tonight ill have to take to.
I’ll give it a shot.

It MAY have just been a WBTB effect, but hey, we at LD4all will try ANYTHING to get a lucid dream! Bring on the Asprin!

Aspirin can be dangerous. Some people get large lumps on their legs, for example, when they take Aspirin…

Thanks, Clark. :cool: Yes, anybody that’s going to take aspirin better be sure they can tolerate it. People with blood clotting disorders, ulcers, asthma, etc, should be very careful. This is a minority, but be careful, as you should be with any drug. I’m 47, and have never had a problem with it.

yes good point! Always be sure that you know what you’re taking and what it will do to you (This public service announcment has been brought to you in part by; Clarkkent) :grin:

Thanks… wouldn’t like anyone to suffer ill-effects instead of an LD…

I don’t know if it’s the same thing…but my brother took 2 paracetamols before bed last night and he told me they had the most incredible affect on his dreams. He told me a few of them…lol…yup, craziness indeed!

Of course, I will try this tonight, but only once…and only for the sake of experimentation!


Paracetamols are in a different pain killer group to aspirin/iboprofen. So all painkillers may have an effect.
I will have to see what my dreams are like the time of my next period.

excuse me! too much info! more then id like to know! :wink:

but yes, please tell us at the… next… time… It would be a cool observation.

That’s why I did it in the smallest print size…I did consider doing a for females only but I thought that may make all the male members wonder what it was and be more likely to read it. :tongue:

lol, well, you almost fooled me, and if people do pass by it intentionaly not reading it, nad they see what me and you are talkign about, they will wonder “what the hell” and go right back to the post andread what it said. So what we are saying right now will most likley make pople read that…

Have your dreams ever being a bit different while on those painkiller drugs moogle?

just looked in dream journal with relevant dates…
Sept spiritual dream that was completely different (called it a)
Oct no effect
Nov dream that was my nearest to lucidity. Nov 15

I would have to follow it up for a longer ammount of time to see if they really have an effect. :wiske:

Well the paracetamols did nothing!?

I don’t have Asprin, so I’ll have to give that experiment a miss for now.

LoL Moogle… :peek: