Astral Combat

I’ve made this forum for experiences people have had with Astral Combat.
Feel free to post any experiences you may have had.

I will start posting my most interesting encounters.
This happened a few years ago March 21 1994. It was in the afternoon.
I person who I knew infrequently was making very obscene comments to me. Probably trying to shock me for yuks. So I imagined this sledgehammer in my hand. I could feel the cold hard cast iron. Man it was heavy. I took it and bashed his head in with the imaginary hammer.
He began grabbing his head, and his nose started bleeding.

HI i didnt expierienced astral/lucid combat yet , i lost my intrest in Ldreams like a half year ago (how foolish of me) like a few days ago it hav my full attention again and one of the main reasons are the lucid fights(DBZ style) and i wont give up untill i hav at least one fight aday :smile: , but i do like to hear ya “astral” fights.

well i had a great ND last morning also a good idea for a LD.
make 2 teams with some great fighters then hav a big fight in a big citie or other landscape.

I have fights with people once in a while. I have had some crazy ones.Most are to easy. one time these guys could some what fly and wanted to kill me and take over my powers. I hid in a wall and then came out of it and blasted them away dragonball z style. I still look forward to a real challenge,maybe someone that has real skillz.

Dragon Ball Z fights that’d be so cool. Ability to go super saiya-jin and perhaps take on Goku, and win. I’ve never fought before, but now I got reason to try…KAMEHAMEHA!!!

i’ve had one sorta dbz styled battle thingy against some evil guy that resembled one of my friends but it ended with the world being destroyed in the process .

my friend had the cooles DBZ fighting dream, it was a regular dream, a few months ago. he said it was really long, and me and him were fighting our whole school because they had another one of our friends captured. but there was a leader of the whole school group, and they all had dbz like powers.

he said that me and him were floating up in the air and we exploded into super saiya-jin. he said our hair looked awesome :cool_laugh: ! then he said we just fought a whole bunch of people and used powers for the rest of the long dream. that would be such a cool LD, but he doesn’t know about lucid dreams. when i get better at them i’m gonna have a cool DBZ fight for sure. :cool:

Kakarot taught me how to fly in a non-lucid dream once because I was having problems in my lucid dreams flying x.x. After that, I had no problems doing anything like shapeshifting or chucking energy at my dad for knocking me unconscious but lucid with a very large box of cereal.

But where is PhantomSpectre? Does anyone know at all? Where’d he go? I’ll bet I’m more like Vegeta than he is…

And yes, DBZ style fights are interesting. Kakarot showed me how it was done in another non-lucid dream. It was because we were both in some kind of tournament. We had coffee and talked before the match, then he proceded to beat me x.x. It’s probably just because I hadn’t learned how to transform into a magical girl then.

not long ago I had a lucid dream where these bad guys killed one of my old friends.I got really pissed and used claws like wolverine’s and killed them all. It was really fun because it felt like a video game.

In one low level LD I looked in a mirror and wanted myself to appear dressed like Neo from Matrix or something. But when I stepped in front of the mirror, I was my normal self and Neo was standing behind me, trying to attack me! :panic: LOL Now, I don’t exactly recall the whole situation, but I turned around, somehow grabbed him, threw him against the wall and ran thru the nearest door. :gni:

One time I was being held hostage with a bunch of other people in a non-LD and for some reason we all had knives but were afraid to attack the guy. Well, I did and I slit his throat…muahahahahaha. Funny thing is it didn’t do anything, he just turned around and looked at me funny and said " You should have used the lips"…I didn’t understand and he came after me with a knife of his own and I woke up…lol.


In lots of my normal dreams I dream of shooting aliens or the sorts. Today I was machine gunning a dinosaur. :gni:

I did it!! All the cartoon veiwing had paid off…DBZ fight. Flying around and shooting ki blasts from my hands, VERY cool. The only problem is that I lost quite badly and woke up. :grrr:

Lol JOSH_S_ I do it sometimes to in a ld…and its fun!
Try also lightning from your hands lol…that works nice to.


I finally fought someone that had some real skills and was really fun. At first he was invisible,but after a while of fighting I forced him to show himself. It turned out to be Vegeta from Dragonball Z. It all ended when I Kamehamehaed him and blew him to ashes. It was so fun to actually have a challenging fight like this. I can’t wait till I have another one.Till then I will pratice to sharpen and learn more skills.

ya know ive heard of peole meeting in OOBE to ‘mak love’ (this is from teh SunEye method .pdfs) anyone here ever FIGHT someone else on the astral plane?

Ack! I am surrounded by DBZers! Holds His Head

Heh just kiddin, I like dbz as much as the next person but I follow 1 simple rule, the ONLY kamehameha is a hawaiin king :content: