Astral Hospital

I posted this in a different forum (earliest dream memory), but I think this fits even better in this category.

[This dream is now private.]

Has anyone experienced a place of healing in the astral?

Sounds Amazing :woo: :woo: ive never experienced such a thing…

I remember a few times I have been to the same place, that I refer to “the hospital in the sky.” The last experience I remember a woman talking to me in my mind, I was concerned because my family was asleep at home, and “what if they needed me?” She told me to not worry, that if I was needed, I would return to my body. I don’t remember which form of body I was in, because it was first person. But she was checking my thyroid. I did not know why. The place looked like it had “bubble” type glass windows. The room was all white. I asked why I was brought there, she said something to the effect, that they needed to check something. About a year later I went to the doctor and she said my blood work was abnormal, and I had to see a thyroid specialist. I probably should have seen the regular doctor after that dream, but I didn’t. This was just one time I was there, but I don’t want to go on and on.

March 22, 2017
I find my dreaming body standing in a bright white hallway, reminding me of a hospital. There is this guy with blue jeans and a brown jacket that brought me here. I have seen him before in this realm. I have the thought that I must need to be here for healing purposes. I think to myself… What is this place?

I don’t remember when I had this dream, but it was a very long time ago when I was having issues with my anger and bouts of misanthropy.

I remember being in a completely white room. I didn’t see any walls, it was just kind of white and endless all around. I was laying on a table or some sort of white concrete/marble with a pillow. There was a man with neck-length brown, curly hair and he wore a white gown. He gave me an off-putting vibe but somehow my body was very comfortable, like it was on air. I didn’t say anything, but even just simply thinking about where I was, the man answered back, “You’re in a hospital for souls,” he started and came to my side, [i]“we repair damaged or broken souls. You’ll be back soon, I promise.”[/i] The dream ended. I just remember my body vibrating intensely upon waking up, and I realized later on when I learned about astral projection that those vibrations were because of astral projection. Very interesting indeed.