Astral Plane

hi guys im new to this website and all the lucidity things. ok ive just finished doing some research on lucidity and i stumbled on something called the astral plane. the website said its the place where you go when you are asleep. and you can do astral traveling as well. as in traveling into another persons dream. im not really sure what the astral plane is so heres the website
go check it out and post your thoughts too. thanks for reading.

IMO every reallity is a dream or every dream is a reality. There are shared dreams and your own private dreams. I think this univers is a huge shared dream where all the inhabitants create it every instant, thats why when you go to sleep , thus to another dream, when you return everything is in place because there are millions of beings sharing the dream making the ilussion of stability. When you are in your own dream it may be not so stable because is only you (your power) that is creating it. I think that is the main difference between being in a lucid dream(your own dream) and being in the astral plane(entering other beings dreams or other beings shared dream). I hope I could explain my self clearly.

The astral and the dreamland is two completely different things. It’s like comparing an apple to an banana. :confused:
The dreamwrold is where you go everytime (well, most of it) you sleep, and the astral plane is a plane that lays like an layer OVER the dreamworld, like the dreamwrold lays over the physical world.
And the astral plane is built up by several astral planes, and you can only visit the most higher planes when you are dead (or having an NDE or if you are EXTREMELY good at astral projecting.
I could go on and write several pages about this, but im short on time. (sitting at school ;Z)
Visit for more information. :content: