astral project yourself in 20 minutes

i just read a banner wich linked me to a site that told me that if i downloaded their audiotrack wich is 20 minutes long and get a free online book for 30 $ i would succed in a astral projection…if it´s true id gladly pay more the the double price (wich already is quite alot) im very close to find out…but surely there are some people here who have tried it i thought so i searched for threads about it but found nothing, maybe i failed and there is such a thread. if that is the case, please reply with a link or the name of the thread.
anyway what i was supposed to ask is ofcourse; is this for real? it sounds to good to be true, so if someone has tried it please respond!
the adress of the site is:

i were so close to actually buy this until i saw the adress…witchcrafmagic? it surely doesn´t sound to serious to me…and 30$ for a 20minutes track and some textfile about it?? sounds a bit like someone needs quick cash :smile: (although if it is as they say thei´ve made alot of research and experimentation wich probably costed quite alot…)

there is also another site wich i found the same way: … g/?int=GGL
that says that if you but their kit it will make you lucid dream in 7 days, without telling you much about wich methods are being used, at least in the astral projection audio track they have some scientific “proof”…

anyway i should stop writing, my final question, is there anyone who have exprerience with any of the mentioned “bargains” :smile: ??

im very happy if you could answer quickly as im REALLY eager to buy and try!

O__O I totally… doubt that it works. Maybe it does… but I saw the ad on this site, I think it’s just an ad… whatever. Kinda like those e-mail you get about enhancing your penis size in three days and crap like that. (I get those all the time and I’m like “RARG! I’m a woman weirdos!”) yeah.

But I don’t know I have no expirience OR money. So. I suggest waiting for someone else. But if you DO get it. Share ^___^

but then again, why the guarantee…the fact that they´ll give you the money back if it doesnt work? or maybe i´ll download it and when i play it it will play some weird sounds for 5 minutes and then say, “you stupid bastard, you just gave us 30$ we´re buying drinks for now in hawaii as your listening to this crap mwuahhahahahaaahaaaaaa…” :smile:

anyway if i do buy it and it wont say anything like that ill mail it…only if you promise to buy it if it works…then they deserve the money :smile:

mm…I personally think it’s a load of crap, I didn’t go to that site, but it doesn’t convince me. Excuse me if I am wrong, besides there are a lot of mp3s going around, just in this site, test those instead.

could you give us some links to the mp3s?

Both of those sites are scam… Dont fall for it please.

The lucid dream kit site said this in april:

But then month after it changed to may, june, july and so on without even changing the so called testimonals. I doubt there is any info in those books that are not on this forum.

…and both sites has the same layout but different “companies”…maybe you guys are right…shit, i got quite excited about this :sad: & they DID back up their product with some scientific “proof” but they never reffered to anything so its prob just bulls***
oh well, i guess ill just have to get back to the good ol methods :smile: but im still a bit curious…but if it is a scam i would be so pissed of me to fall for it, so im not sure if its worth the risk hehe

I can’t help you with Astral projection, since I don’t think it really happens, but if you want to LD then just go to they have 3 files of lucid dreaming I’d recommend ‘Curseluciddreaming2.’
Just register, and search ‘lucid.’ Save the file and listen, do what the guy says. It might take a few listens over a couple of days, but it seems to be working for me. Theres a lot of good files on there, like one to quit smoking, etc. I wouldn’t go to the forums, though… it’s full of wierdos… you have been warned.

since when is hypnosis “adult content”? I’m not allowed on the site =P

Oh jeeze… I registered anyway just to get the MP3s. Mistake! Can anyone e-mail me the files instead? O__O please.

This is kinda off topic (sry :content: ) but has anyone read “The Third Eye” by Lois Duncan? It’s about astral projection, and it’s a really interesting story.

the site uses brainwave entrainment mp3s in order to help you achieve AP. If u wanted to you could simply download the BWgen and use the preset they have i think its called “Astral Project without fail”.
“Our focus determines our reality” remember this and you will realise that external methods, while they can “help” are not “needed” and certainly such expensive ones…

i see what you mean, and i do agree with you in a way.
but when you do astral project something in your mind (or maybe body) does happen, and if the scientist of today were to be able to track whatever that happens maybe they would be able to even create a pill that make you project :smile: something like they tracked what happened when you get happy and now they
produced a pill that can make it for you (ecstasy), although authentic happiness runs much deeper then some stuff gets released in the brain so it doesnt produce the exact same effect. hmm im starting to glide of topic i think :smile:

anyway, thanks for the info…ill try it tonight!