Astral Projections: Experiments

what if you had some 1 take a picture of the room while u were astral projecting…would their be some type of orb or something…when ghost are in pictures u see orbs n such things…if somebody timed the shot perfectly 2 were u were actaully aping would something show up on the camera?

The common misconception about orbs is that they will appear when an image is taken with a spirit present, this is not true. An orb is a spirit actually manifesting it’s self trying to become an apparition, so the chances of someone taking a picture and getting a real orb (as opposed to dust) when you are astral projecting is slim.

Not to mention that they would have to know WHEN you are astral projecting, since constantly asking you would break your focus and there is no way for them to know if you accidentally fell asleep instead.

Then there’s the whole, is it an orb or is it dust/insect/spiderweb etc. While I’m not saying it isn’t worth trying, the chances of getting anything on camera is slim, not to mention time consuming if they person doesn’t project first attempt.

You could simply set up a video camera recording the room all night…those can catch orbs too.

…Not to mention you can always use a code word and two AP-ers…

Thats a good idea, Ive allways tried to get someones attention when I AP, but it never works. Ill be all up in there face trying to get there attention. Has anyone ever gotten anyones attention when APing?

Or It would be WAY simpler to just have a friend put a random amount of marbles in a box,and while your AP’ing,look in the box!

They’ve already done stuff like this a while back. Monroe did tests in a lab. If you’re interested pick up “Journeys Out of the Body,” it talks about them, and has a foreword from the scientist he worked with if I remember correctly.


I agree. You can even simplify it by just opening a book you never read on a random page without looking at it and putting it under a chair or in one corner of your room before going to sleep.

The whole camera method allows to much “entities” into the system, it’s like scratching the right ear with your left leg.

You’d have to be very careful with that method. If you so much as see the page accidentally, your mind will note it down, if you were then to fall asleep and have a dream that you projected you could read the page in your dream and have it be accurate.

Just look at any post in this topic, don’t focus on the text just look at it. You’d be surprised how many words you can see and make out with no effort. Your mind will see it all, even that on the peripheral vision that you can’t quite make out . That is more or less what speed reading is.

It is a valid experiment to try though, just be careful not to glimpse at the page.

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hello i am new in this forum, first at all escuse my english in going to try to be as clear as possible:

I have experieced lucid dreams many times but i have never been able to make a concious astral voyage (so noticing i am out of my body and watching myself sleeping ,actually , I’ve seen myself sleepig once but it was an involuntary experience)

With the purpose of checking if during an astral voyage you can really see the phisic world around you i wanna propose here to much more experienced people than I the following experiment:

youi take several poker cards: aces, kings,queens, jacks, tens and aces totally =20 cards

without watching it you put one of then upwards in the top of a futrniture in your room high enough to make for you impossible to see it witout climbing on a chair.

During your astral projection you try to watch the card by flying to the ceiling of your room and the next morning if you remenber your dream you write the name of the card in a paper and then you check if the card above the furniture is the same card you saw in your dream.

I make it once: i put the card and in the night I dreamed that a lady climbed on a chair then she saw the card and just said to me “it is not the Q of hearts”. the next morning i could see it was the Q of spades, being the Q of spades the most similar card to the Q of hearts. i make the experiment with the 52 cards instead of 20, i make this experment a few more times but i was confused with the numbers when the card wasnt a figure so i deciced to take all the 2-9’s off. but unfortunately the dream never came to me again.

it would be great that somebody expert in the astral world try to do this experiment that i cound finished because my limited capàcity in this matter.

waiting for your answers, sincerely

Don’t limit the deck. From a purely statistical stand point you are more likely to be able to guess the card value (JQKTA) as each card value is 1/5 of the deck.

So to say that you were able to see it was a Queen doesn’t mean much as you had a 1/5 chance of it being a queen. If it was a full deck however, then this would have been much more convincing.

The best test would be for someone to visit a members house and tell them something that is in there room that is out of the ordinary, or the colour and make of an appliance in there room.

hey man, if you read carefully my message you can see that the first time was a whole deck of 52 cards: 1/13 , maybe my writng style is not very clear sometimes and youmisunderstood me.

so… when you astral project are you in the room where you sat down to AP and you can explore the world and see people walking around and stuff.

like…it’s not in your head? you’re a ghost floating around and looking at the world?

The location you start can be unique to the APer. Most people generally use one of the “leave/rise out of the body” techniques so they would most likely find them selves in the area they sat/laid down to AP.

But there are other possibilities, a friend of my found herself in a blue room with a shadowy figure.

Essentially the APer is moving their consciousness from the physical body to the Astral, if you imagine your astral being in say, Kingston Jamaica, then when you transfer the consciousness to it that is where you’ll find yourself. It all comes down to the method you use to AP.

As for exploration of our physical world, the simple answer is yes. You can go any where you like and as my friend found out any time (she relieved the full day watching her friend). You would be able see real people even confirm with them that what you saw was real.

all the time i wondered what really is astral projection? Is it the same thing as lucid dreaming? I never really understood what it was. :confused:

Astral Projection has nothing to do with dreaming, lucid or otherwise.

then what is it?



lets say you wake up in the morning and astral project.
and your friend goes off to a tattoo parlour and gets a tattoo of a bear on his ass and doesn’t tell anyone.
you follow him and see him get the tattoo.
you then go back into your body.
could you go find your friend and tell him you know about the tattoo and he would have it?

if so atsral projection could be used to do some pretty crazy stuff.

What are you talking about? I’ve read most of Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics and Mastering Astral Projection, and they both state that dreams are astral projections – they take place in the astral plane because we unconsciously leave our bodies naturally each & every night! Consider the signs you’re entering a dream: spinning, sound effects, vertigo, legs tingling… Those are all exit symptoms! I do energy body work as I’m falling asleep some nights, and the dreams I have those nights are significantly more vivid & eventful than just doing nothing. This only makes sense if dreams are astral projections. Try it yourself, and may I suggest reading Astral Dynamics? It’s a good read, and maybe it’ll resolve this little conundrum. :read:

A body will tingle through out the entire day. You just don’t normally notice it because you are busy doing other things. Spinning and vertigo is common when laying down as vertigo is a physical issue caused by a balance disorder. All of these “symptoms” have many causes so saying it only makes sense if dreams are astral projections is highly inaccurate.

Can dreams be located in the astral plane? Sure. But that doesn’t mean they are astral projections. A projection is the act of moving the conscious mind, not the unconscious. Some people believe that the astral body does not stay within the physical even when awake, but that doesn’t mean we are projecting either.

Any further discussion of dream related phenomenon after this point will be removed. As it states in the description this forum is NOT about dream related phenomenon but waking life only.