Astral Sex, Tips, Questions, Thoughts or anything!

Me and my girlfriend both practice LDing and even OBEs, i got her started on all of it and we discuss our dreams with each other pretty much every day, but what we really wanna do is actually have a simultaniously OBE and then merge with our entities to have astral sexwith one another, now i’ve heard that OBE sex is an extraordinary experience and in some opinions the best experience possible, so i think it would be great to do it with the one you love at the same time as them, but i still don’t know how were gonna even pull off an OBE at the exact same time, please give me tips or anything relating to this topic

First of all be sure Sex God blesses You!:)Quite ambitious plan you have there and you`d need all help possibile:)

Secondly- just know that we dont even know(it has not been proved in any way) if shared dreaming/obe is possibile but there are reports from ppl that were succesfull(or so they thought)
Anyways- what you need most is a SKILL.At least one of you should have some kind of easiness towards oobes/lds.Its easier this way cuz once “out” one could try to “wake up” other one,influence his/her mind somehow.
Then id be trying to induce a proper dream.In your case you should both set same intentions,you best know what kind:)Just concentrate on same dream content(or a position:) before sleep and expect it.Think of it during the day so on.Just read up some on dream incubation.
Then you should do your reality checks according to your task,hehe in your case everytime you have sex.Funny when i think about it,but you dont need to act your rcs.Just when you do it,think about " this is a dream,we`re now dreaming" or something along those lines.Btw,that may prolong the whole intercourse,so not bad at all.
As to same time thing- i dont think its so much required but of course would be handy.Remember that time here and there is something totally different.So for example if you have an obe and make love with your partner she might get same (or similar experience) even few days later.To be sure wheter you had really shared thing ,dont talk about it but write it down and when second person says she/he had it too,then confront your notes.
Theres some more to it but thats how i see it for start.You may encounter dream characters who will be exactly same as your girlfriend cuz thought creates stuff out there.But you may also be lucky and meet just her.No one knows that.

Anyways…take on your task happy and positive cuz as you may know theres no failure.In worst scenario you will dream of having sex which itself is a blessing:)

ps.if you both experience sleep paralysis and have and theres a chance you could both enter it in similar time,your chances greatly increase.
One more time- good luck!:slight_smile:
oh nd btw,dont forget to post your experience.Detailed for sciences sake!:slight_smile:

you need to be able to open your chakras IRL

i would IMAGINE because… i went through an OBE phase and… nothing even remotely positive came from it, however with my recent experience with chakras, I think you would need to do a full on AP by opening all of them, balancing and cleansing all of them, then separating (through the crown ? third eye? throat ? not sure…) … and from there maybe you actually have a “real” AP/OBE

and your gf needs to do the same.

i’d recommend having sex in real life WITH PROTECTION UNTIL YOU BOTH ARE COMMITTED TO A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP AND GO HAVE STI/HIV SCREENINGS TOGETHER … and while doing so… practicing sexual energy rituals, opening chakras, etc…

look into tantra, kegels, and such…

im familiar with the chakras and have only mildly practiced them but will continue to, and we are STD free and all that stuff so its cool, but i will post the experience for sciences sake if i ever manage to pull it off, and Jack i think the whole me leaving first and then finding her and waking her up mentally is a great idea and i’ll try it for sure everytime i get lucid even, and the luck im gonna need also…

:slight_smile: I praticed that, that is fun…