Audible commands warning

Last night I had a weird dream where I was in a cabin surrounded by woods. I was with 5 other people and our mission was to stop infiltrating criminals onto the cabin grounds.

About 3 times in a row, I walked through this door, and my fellow comrade shot me in the head with a gun and I died. Fade to blackness… Wake up again inside the cabin… go through the door again… die again, etc.

Anyway, at one point during the dream I looked at my hands and became lucid. I remembered to practice audible commands, so I said “Increase lucidity!” Everything brightened up and got sharper and lively. So I kept repeating that, and eventually felt my body sleeping, and woke up.

So, is it possible that you can make yourself so conscience in your dream that you wake up from it?

And, I would like someone to try the audible command “Slow down brainwave frequency”. It might make you stay lucid longer.

I stop using ‘increase lucidity’ when everything gets sharp, but I guess that you can wake yourself up by doing it too much.

Once I even managed to get back into a dream when it had faded to black. I think I first tried ‘lucidityx1000’ but that didn’t work and then I screamed ‘lucidityx 1 million’ and I got back into the dream much more lucid than before and the dream was also much move vivid. But it only lasted for another 10 sec before I faded out again.

And I should also say that ‘increase lucidity now!’ works better than ‘lucidityx1000’.

And the ‘Slow down brainwave frequency’ could work just fine. I think it’s more about the intention behind the words that the actual words, that matter. So if you say that and intend it to make you stay longer in the dream it will work, but don’t do it too much, you might just loose lucidity.

And screaming voice commands usually works best for me, they seem to have almost no effect it I just think them. I think that’s because you use more emotion when you scream it and that will also increas you intention for the command to work.

I have done this as well (although not with verbal commands, I simply kept clapping my hands to make sure I was still there, until the dream re-materialized on its own). Also, most of my WILD’s start out as the black void.

Sometimes after a lucid dream ends and I wake up, I remember that actually I had some non-lucid dreams immediately afterward. So I guess I really hadn’t woken up, I just thought I did, gave up, and lost lucidity that way.

Well anything is possible but, I think it’s more likely that it was just time for you to wake up. It was probably just a coincidence that the dream happened to end as you increased lucidity. But, try it again and see if you wake again. As I said anything is possible.

has anyone ever tried “turn realism on!”

maybe it’s all as simple as saying that to get some good sex and… not get lost in dream mazes.