Audible Mild, or no?

when you do MILD before you sleep, should you do it all in your head, say it out loud, or whisper? what do you think, what do you do, and what works? Thus far i’ve had no success with it in my head.

i practise it also during the day, so not just on one time and i rub my hands while i am saying with goal i got for my next ld and what i want done then.
so i sort of program myself for the task i want to do in my ld.
but i connect it also to a craving, to the pleasure it will bring me when i can do that in my next ld.
so its through all my body and mind, i even experience excitement for when i will succeed with it next time or soon.

In your head. Anything else will definately keep you awake.

If you find that you stay awake anyway, maybe you’ll want to whisper it, or whatever. Whatever you think’ll help.

I think that, in the original MILD method, it was in your head. That’s what I’m doing : in my head.
But as it is MILD, and you don’t need to fall asleep during this practise (unlike WILD), you can try any method you feel to be the best way of suggesting yourself.

Precisely Basilus West!

Cant you play a tape or something that says the intention your are setting? Or would that just not go in to your head?


Yes you can play a tape and you could even hear it in your dreams and get lucid from that. If you can fall asleep with it playing.

okey. Thats good.
talk in the microphone