Audio delay program?

Hi all.

I was wondering if there are any programs out there that let you set time-delays before playing an audio file. For example, i want to play a Lucid Dream audio file on my computer, but I want it to wait about 2-3 before playing so that I can get to sleep before it starts. Anyone know any? (or how to do it?)

I’ll make a custom one for your tommorrow. While I go and try to LD tonight, think up about what you want the program to look like, what to be set and so on. The size will be around 1 mb. :smile:

Hmmm… maybe I should start a topic about programming these sort of programs? To help you LD? I have the possibility for choosing a sound, when to play it, interval etcetera, I can even make the screen flash brightly when decided.

Oh, wow. That’d be awesome.
No particulars for me by the way, just make it easy to use, with varying delays. Thanks!

I belive that some audio codecs will compress silence in a very efficient way so that gaps of silence can be near infinitly long without increasing the file size. With ACC compression and a good audio editor, you should be able to just add a timed silence to the file, which could then be trasnfered to an iPod or MP3 player or played on the computer.

Wow, it’s going faster and better than I thought. Here is a picture: … amprog.JPG

The program is officially finished. I think I will post it in the Tools forum, and hope it gets pinned :smile:

Stay around a liiiiittle longer while I upload. The filesize is around 4 MB now though… hope that’s OK.

wow, that’s fantastic! Thanks very much, Python!

It is released :happy: [Clear Lucid program - inject your dreams in two ways)