Audio Dream Journal

So I think turning on a light to write down my dreams is interfering with the quality of my sleep. haha The last few days I have been getting major dark circles under my eyelids. I kind of look undead. Then again, it could just be my most recent break up that is keeping me awake.

Anyways, any idea on whether or not just recording my voice telling the story of the dream in the middle of the night would work well? Anyone ever try this? I have a nice handy recording function on my ipod, which I have right next to me at night, so I could just turn it on, record the dream by voice, then go back to sleep.

I have tried this. It would work well, if it wasn’t for the fact that talking makes me more awake than typing. Typing keywords on my phone, in the still dark room, is the least disturbing way for me to record dreams. There are also pens with built in lights, for writing in the dark.

Hmm yeah. Maybe I’ll stick to my light-up pen after all. Wasn’t sure if the stimulation of the sound of my voice or the light from my pen or alarm clock would wake me up more.

I actually just scribble down keywords, sometimes I don’t even open my eyes. It’s worked pretty well… I’m sure it’d be better if I wrote out the whole thing but the lights just wake me up too much. If you’re good at “feeling” what you’re writing, it may work until you can write it out in full later.

Then again, all I usually need to do is remember just a few things from the dream and I remember the whole thing.