[audio] how to put a 6 hour silence in front of sound

hello, i need a bit of help with putting a 5/6 hour silence before a recording of me saying “you are dreaming”, etc.

it’s so i don’t have to do WBTB and can use the REM stage to get good lucid dreams. Butin audacity, if i put a 5 or 6 hour silence before any sound and export, the fiel is like 1 gigabyte!

can anyone help me to find a way to put a 5/6 hour silence before the sound without the file ending up massive. It needs to fit on a 256mb mp3 player

did you try taking the bit rate down as far as you could?

try about 5kbps :cool:

I would record like, 5 minutes of silence, and then just setup a playlist to keep playing that same file X times, then the other one after.

You could always just wake up from a alarm clock with a rather low volume (just enough to wake you up but not enough to shock you), try not to move much, throw on ur headphones, and start listening to it. Also, if you still need a blank mp3 in front of it, a long one wouldn’t be required.

yea, actually I like LogicGate’s idea

can anyone tell me a small, free program that can change the bitrate of a music file down to 1kbp, so i can make the file really small?

If the bitrate was at 1KPS It would be small but also useless. I’m not sure what would happen but it would probably sound a dieing cat. :bored:

Well if you have a laptop or desktop around you can use a program that plays the soundfile at a given time. I use dreamwatcher, its on the LD4all guide under how, in software.

thanks, i think i’ll have to use this computer, but ill have to somehow move it.

Maybe in the future when i have more money i could buy or make a cheap laptop for playing the sound file

EDIT: don’t worry, i’ve found the solution, if i make the silence 14 minutes and 24 seconds and put that on my mp3 player 25 times, its only about 45mb! so i’m going to try it tonight and see if it works.

[color=green]Hello Milesbh

The easiest way to go about doing that would require you to simply programme a timmer to run the file every once in a while. I am about to start a topic in the Lab discussion thread regarding this and your input will be much appriciated :smile:[/color]

If your MP3 supports playlists I reccomend doing one in winamp. Add the same song as many times as needed. Save it as m3u and put it on the player.

ooh yes, playlists work. I have an mp3 of exactly 90 minutes (one sleep cycle) of silence, and alternate it with a short mp3 of a sound.

well my mp3 player doesn’t look like it can use playlists, but if it doesn’t it doesn’t matter anyway