Audio meditations for LDs - ever had success?

I’m on quite a few meditation apps and some such as Insight Timer offer quite a few guided LD meditations. Usually it’s relaxation combined with either a visualization or an affirmation of lucid dreaming. I love them because they help me fall asleep and keep my mind occupied while doing so, but I never had any succes LDing with them.
Just wondering how other people’s experiences are with guided meditations like these!

At one point, I attempted to make my own to play as I was getting ready for bed :lol:. It was more of a dream incubation guidance, but the pacing of my recording was not quite correct and I don’t use it often anymore.
I thought there might be youtube videos or apps like you mentioned to listen to, maybe I’ll give them a try! What apps are your favorite in addition to Insight Timer for lucid dreaming?

Maybe if I listened to some good ones it would help me with the pacing of making my own again. It was kinda powerful to hear the lucid dreaming affirmations in my own voice/ saying it aloud. Now I want to try making a better one.

You know what - yesterday I had a very vivid (and awesome) lucid dream. It’s been months since the last good one and I’ve used the meditation “Dream Lucidly and Vividly Tonight” by Christian Thomas on Insight Timer, so I can now say I’ve had my first succes with this method.

As for other apps/video’s; I know I’ve tried some on YouTube but as you’d need a premium to keep it playing with your screen turned off I’ve stopped using it… Can’t quite recall which ones, never had an LD with them either.

Binaural beats on Spotify (when used with earphones) do seem to have a positive effect, possibly by placebo effect.