Something very interesting happened to me a few nights back.

I was having a normal dream, in where suddently, on a radio, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” starts playing. I didn’t pay to much attention, but guess what?

When i woke up, that song was playing on my mp3, it was my alarm!

This can have many uses, such as something to recognise in dreams and become lucid.

Any ideas?

You can use a lucidity MP3 file as your alarm, or a song that you connect to dreaming, and tell yourself when you hear it that you’ll realize that you’re dreaming.

Something happened like that to me last night. I was dreaming I was in school (It’s summer I really wish I noticed I was dreaming) and we were going to watch some movie… He hands a paper out, turns on the movie, it turns out to be spongebob o_O. When I wake up, spongebob is on.