Does anyone have a link to a site with good instructions on how to see auras? I’m pretty much convinced it’s possible, though I don’t know if it’s an optical illusion or a reality. I’d like to test it myself though. I read somewhere that there’s a way to actually photograph auras and that Russian scientists are way ahead of everyone else as far as studying them.

Basically, ever since I started researching lucid dreaming I’ve been reading up on everything related to it, even if I don’t believe what I read. My search has led me to meditation, chakras, past lives, OBE’s, hypnosis, prayer, dream interpretation, yoga, shamans, and now auras. Lots of paranormal stuff that I don’t usually get into. Anyways I’m off topic already on my own topic! Anyone?

To c aura’s you need talent and not all ppl have that talent!
Well let say all have the talent but from different levels!
Books or reading about tech cant compensate that fact.

Talented paranormal ppl have while awake low brainwaves like theta and delta! That is the base for the talent to c auras and all other paranormal talents and having. From chakras to aura’s and further.

young kids are often having paranormal talents more then addults, because they have low brainwaves still.
Much has to do with dmt and serotonin neurotransmitters and there neurological pathways in the brain and the activity of the brainstem while awake (deltawaves) and the pineal gland.

Have you seen auras Jeff?


in almost dark infront of a mirror around my face and head, clear soft yellow!
Like a helmet of clear beautifull yellow light!
with just through an almost closed door a bit light from another room.
you have to really relax good, lower your brainwaves if u wanne c it.
Its stongly serotonin neurological related.
That the mirrors reflect it means an aura is an electromagnetic energy and field!

Ever since I finished reading The Celestine Prophecy, which mentions auras quite a bit, it seems like the light around objects are less clear than everything else. Is that a start or am I just fooling myself there?

Well ehm objects i really doubt…a friend of mine is really paranormal and he can see auras totally , the dead etc he even is depressed from it because he dont want to know how someone is inside when he just walks over the street and meets a passing stranger etc etc
But he doesnt have it with things like objects…with living things yes. ppl animals etc.

If you really focus at one point u always get some weird effect over some time.

Beware for fast food spiritualism in the west, much is about ego and money!
else yogi from the far east wouldnt sacrafice a whole life to consciousness dedication but just read a good book about it or take a 3 days workshop here in the west!


I don’t stare at the objects until I see something strange, I just see the less clear light when I look around. I don’t try to see anything, it’s just suddenly there and obvious, as if it was always like that and I just didn’t notice. And this goes for people and nature too.

Well there is for me a reall difference when i c aura round persons head, with still is the easiest to c. Then from an object, thats prob normal breaking of light then that you are now more aware of!

This forum is a lot stranger than I originally thought. This aura stuff…I’m not so sure about it.

And if I could see the dead, I’d be a very happy person.

Well my friend is not, because there are dead ppl that feel alone and lurk upon him he says.
Also m,any ppl are not happy with there life and he picks that all up very strong, so no he said often enough he wished he was not born with it!

Look i dont say its scientifically proof, he is a friend.
And when i see aura’s its also not proof!

never forget that! :smile:
but to deny it would also not be good thats the opposite of being a floater, a total sceptic.

Well if your friend truly has said abilities, tell him that I’d love to take it away from him!

Maybe I’ll look more into this aura stuff. I really know nothing about it other than what I’ve read in this topic.

Well siertes trust me u need talent 4 it to c aura’s.
in west there is a tendency that all is commericalised.

So u can do workshops to levitate and workshop to erase karma etc etc
all money making bullshit!

Real talented ppl dont need books and i can tell things about like chakras most in the west dont know because its not in books etc.

I think if my friend could he would give it to u for free hahaha

oh btw dont forget our nervesystem works with electricity so electromagnetic field surrounding us isnt so weird at all.

Ah, I see. Well I doubt I have any talent for auras, etc. I don’t have talent for anything, which IMO makes my existence absolutely meaningless. That’s why I’d love to have your friend’s talents.

mm i c now why you would want that then yes, well more important then talent is if you are happy with living and have joy from that :wink:

I rather be a happy untalented skater in the parc then a talented but not happy person like van gogh was for example!

Well I’d also rather be untalented, yet also happy, but that just isn’t going to happen.

I have a better chance of wishing for a talent. I just hope I find one before I die, hahaha!

Siertes when you find your talent let us know ok :smile:


I can see energy/auras :smile:


Aha! I’ve just figured something out!

I’ve been getting into Hinduism a lot lately and have taken to visiting a Hare Krishna temple every so often to do some chanting-meditation. Interesting things happen: often during chanting I stare fixedly in one place and my surroundings start to blur a little and emit a soft glow. I sometimes have an immense sense of peace and even euphoria.

Would seem to me that the soft glow is literally the aura of the place! One picture in particular, if stared at, almost jumps out of its frame with new colours. I wasnt sure what exactly was going on but now I get it!

And to doubters: try this website:
The exercises there, although not actual auras, show you the kind of vision you’ll need to exercise and it really does work. If you then try it on people and find it does actually give you insight into their emotions etc then well, thats pretty cast-iron personal evidence there.

I’m no expert by any means but the whole thing is intriguing me now. I have a question: how do the aura and the chakras/energy centres relate, if at all?

The first step is to be aware that Auras and Chakras do in fact exist. If you do not believe that in the first place you are going to have a very hard time seeing them. Of course this is not true for everyone but it is a start if you have not had that experience already.
The next thing to do is to learn what you can from the information that we have available to us. The truth of the matter is that we no longer live in a time or place where all of these abilities are learned from a Guru under a tree in a dessert. We have the internet. We have printed books. We have all kinds of cool lighting combinations. We have more Medicines available as a whole than ever before. Through technology and collective information there is enough training and tools available to learn how to do this with little or no money spent. Learn, learn, learn, and then practice, practice, practice, and then learn some more and keep practicing and learning.
One thing that has not changed however from that of the Ancient Mystics is that those who want to acquire these powers will still really need to be committed to learning and practice even if the ability is already there as a gift. Either awaken the gift that is laying dormant or develope your pre-existing powers and abilities into something beautiful to help your fellow beings on this Planet.

I just wanted to comment something here…

First of all, talents aren’t meant to be happy talents. It can be bad too. Even with talents, it does have its yin/yang.

When I was younger, I picked up dead ppl way too well… it seemed so gloomy to me. I could say that this person died at (insert time here) accurately, etc. I could just feel it cuz of their aura… it changes significantly. I just know it immediately. Not until when my grandpa died, I realized that what I’m seeing or feeling… no one else could do that. I thought I was unique and… crazy. During that time, I really struggled because I couldn’t be in crowds without feeling people and get overwhelmed. I also could see auras and pick thoughts up from them. You know how teenagers could be… it hurted me… so I usually avoid going somewhere that would be crowded. I hated going to hospital too because I pick up a lot of stuff there especially when someone dies. Yes, there were some times that I wish I didnt have that talent because my parents disapproved those things strongly and I didn’t know where to ask for help. Hence, I was going crazy, but then I realized that I’m in control of that. Meditating definitely helped me to process those information that I absorb. Once I got in high school, I was doing muuuuch better. I began to learn how to live with it and be happy…

Anyways the point is, it’s not that simple. Seeing auras could be a pro, but… it also has cons… don’t forget that.

Sorry, but I had to point out that cuz people seem to think… ohhh that’s cool to see auras… no harm to that… easy to learn, etc., but really… like jeff said… only talented ppl would c that. The only way you can figure out if you’re talented is by experimenting. :wink:

In the meaning time, I don’t say that it’s bad at all… I, of course, had some good experiences with that when I was younger and now. I just wanted to clarify few things that people missed. It can be a good thing if you know how to use it properly.

Anyways, I did the mirror technique lol a long time ago. I recalled looking in the mirror and I got tranced out. I saw thin white outline inside along with deep blue aura… really beautiful! :happy: I’m sure it’s not the same right now… it has been a long time ago. Lol! Everything that surrounded me looked dream-like as well. It was fun :smile: I also have experimented with light to see if it helps me to see aura better… I found that partially dark works the best (not completely dark, but enough light like one candle in the room).

Good luck! :wink: Will still be fun to experiment and see if you can see your own aura. :happy:

Btw… objects, I found that there are no aura… just white outline (could be why some people thought that… yes objects have aura too) or after image (that’s an illusion). Living things… definitely do have aura!

Nevertheless, anything I’ve said has been proved at all… it’s only from my experiences. Only YOU can decide if it’s true or not.

Have fun seeing the aura! :grin: