Aurora Borealis (Norther Lights)

wow @tomas’ pic
and wow@ basilus’ pic
i hope to see it in person some day. So beautiful.

Well, I live in southern Finland, so it would be only something about thousand kilometers away to see them but… No, I haven’t seen them.

I’m living off my parents now (140 km souther), but last November my father saw “the lights” there (not so miracleous even it was so south).

They said on the radio here on the train, that there has been a solar outbreak. Today and tomorrow, it will be possible to see northern lights as far south as maybe northern africa! :cool:

Maybe this is your opportunity, Dm7?

According to news reports, I could see them again. :smile:

Hmm… maybey I should take part in this discussion. I’ve probably seen AB over 300 times, and frankly I’m bored of them. Except on those few occasions when they go insane :eek: