Aurora Borealis (Norther Lights)

Has anyone on this forum ever seen the Norther lights/lives in a place where they can be seen from? I really want to go and see them when i get time but havent a clue how to go about it, i would prefer to go on my own to somewhere like alaska rather than in a tour etc. Thing is, i have no idea about money needed, items needed, when to go(as in time of year), and all that kind of stuff. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance :smile:

I have never witnessed Aurora Borealis in person I live in England and although sometimes it can come this far south (rarely) chances are it would be cloudy anyways.

Since you don’t want to go on a tour then i would say “google” Since you didn’t leave a clue as to where you live its hard to give you a “best place to go near you” answer. So really allican say is NORTH POLE!

But i will try and give as much info as possible that might be of some help.

The higher in latitude your location the more likely you are to see A.B. in it’s active time. Naturally the best place to be is an area away from light pollution. Street lights/house lights all effect your viewing. So some where quiet and remote.

this interactive map should be of some use

I found it amongst my bookmarks :smile:

I have seen it many times, but I live in Finland where they happen quite often :razz:

I’ve seen it on TV… does that count :wink:?

Ok thanks peeps, guess ill have to make up my mind about more precise details. I was inspired to go and see them after reading northern lights, i tried to read the whole ‘his dark materials’ trilogy but stopped somewhere in the third due to lack of time :cry: hopefully though ill get chance to read through them again shortly, anybody else read ‘his dark materials’?

We often have northern lights here in middle of norway, where i live… You usually see them in fall to early spring… in summer we have daylight 24/7, so not possible to see them even though they are supposed to be more common in summer.

A picture taken in my city:

tomas: damn that’s cool, but in the middle of norway? isn’t that to far south? anyway, that’s cool, would like to see it sometime

Is definitely not as common as in the more northern parts, but we are still north enough to have a few of those every winter time. Trondheim is 63.5° N btw…

I’ve seen the Aurora Borealis here in South Carolina at least 3 times. It’s not as extravagant. This far south you only get to see a bright red hue cover the northern sky. It was so bright one night I thought it was brake lights off of a car!
I think my longitude is around {top secret}

I dont see how longitude has much to do with aurora borealis though…
Is most about how far north/south you are i believe.

57°47’00"N;14°11’00"E;00t 56m 44s;

dont know what it means but thats the coordinates :smile:

oh yeah, the other one :grin:
When I quickly look at the differences I see vertical dividing lines and think north/south :tongue:

but I think my Latitude is around ~35

DA: Wtf? How can you see it that south??? My lats 42, and I’ve never been able to see any around here, even away from the city (chicago). You’d at least have to go to Michagan I thought…

I’m as surprised as Neo, DA ! I never heard you could see auroras such south ! My latitude is 43 and I never saw one. And I never was told somebody saw one in my country (from 41 to 50 North) !

yes, it’s strange but true. It was a very very bright red, and the first time I noticed it I went to the internet to research what I was seeing … sure enough, we were having a magnetic storm :smile: … and I later heard about it on our local news.

I’ve even heard people in Nevada seeing these, and they are more south than I am!

… and this area is referred to as “the south” … so the northern lights aren’t so northern anymore :tongue:

check this link out: … ieland.htm

The aurora here in northern norway is usually green with a red stripe at the bottom. One day in December, it was so bright that I could see it through the clouds and city lights!

And DA, I still know your longitude :tongue:

That’s ok, I stole all your missles. :puh:


I have heard that there have been some A.B.'s in Utah too, but for some reasons I ALWAYS MISS THEM BY BEING INSIDE THAT TIME!!! :sad: Then the next thing i know is that it’s a big news on all TV about A.B.'s in Utah. :crying:

I always missed it. :sad: sobs

on the first page of this thread, I posted a link to Nasa that says:

:smile: Keep your eyes on the skies. :content:

I could have seen it ! :cry:
This aurora was due to a big magnetic storm, on the Nov 20, 2003, and it has been seen near my town…
Too bad ! :crying: