Ausome experiene

Last night while I was attempting wild
I was sitting there on my bed concentrating then all of the sudden It felt like I was floating or like flying er what ever It was wierd I wasnt In a dream but I was so close to becomeing Lucid I really didnt have a LD that night but that was wierd would that be like an OOBE


Sensations of floating are not uncommon when it comes to meditation. And weird sensations in general are not uncommon when one is falling asleep while staying aware. If it was an OBE? You’ll have to ask yourself if you experienced that you were out of your body. If yes, then yes. It fits the description.

keep trying that way. you will have OOBE. WILD is very close to OBE and astral projection

That’s awesome. Last night I had experienced a tingling sensation. I was falling asleep and may have dreamed that I was in the same bed trying to fall asleep. In the dream within the dream, I felt like my body was about to separate from itself and I started to tingle but immediately woke up. What is this?

Sounds like an experience I had where I FA’d and tried to WILD (and got HI) without realising that I was still dreaming! It was one of those really vivid dreams that was hard to distinguish from reality, and it took my a while to work out what happened when I actually woke up.