Auto sudjestgion??

What is it??

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Autosuggestion is the repetition of a command, such as “Wake up at 7,” so that the subconscious remembers and performs the command.

thanks good to know

No problem.
It is very useful for WBTB and essentially makes up MILD.

if I use WBTB with Auto sudjestgion And FILD tonight it’s 11:20 pm here would I have a good success rate?

You would have to wake up in about 5, 5 1/2 hours, then do FILD.
Theoretically yes.

ok thanks would 3 hours sleep be ok

It wouldnt be near as effective, since the 5-5 1/2 hours is based on the REM cycle.

thanks I’m going to sleep soon and I’ll be sure to let you know here’s a random question butndo you belive in aliens like me is their any posts on the subject?

I wish you luck!
As for the REALLY random question about aliens, I believe it may be possible that there is some form of extraterrestrial life, whether it be single-celled organisms or more complex life.
I don’t know if there are any other posts about it though.

Click for Aliens

That would be the topic you’re looking for :wink: