Auto-suggestion finally worked !

I did it!
I made a LD !
But I practise auto-suggestion and I’ve ridden (read?) that it was better to not say “lucid”. That night, I forgot, and sayed it again and again. And I made a LD!
So, is there a difference when you say it or not?
Or is it easier for some people to say “lucid”?

Congratulations! :happy:

In my opinion if it worked, it worked! so keep trying what you did and see if you get lucid again.

I’m sorry, auto-suggestion? That’s a new one, is there a link to a thread that’d explain this technique?

It’s not a technique, it’s more like self-hypnosis.

Oh yeah man, some auto-suggestions worked for me last night after months of no motivation!

“…and I’ve read that it…” works just fine, but
“…and read that it…” has a nice sound to it too.