Autosuggestion tips?

Hi, recently my dream recall has been quite bad, I think this is probably due to the stress of starting college again after the 6 weeks holiday.
I’ve tried the ‘glass of water trick’, which seems to be helping a little bit, but I realised autosuggestion would probably work better.
The problem is, I try to be all positive, sure that I’m going to remember my dreams, but there’s always that little voice in the back of my head saying “but what if you don’t?”
Does anybody have any tips for shutting it up?

one of the best things that I could have ever done in life is learn Self-hypnosis, using it along With WILD is also good.

Now to answer your question the thing with the glass of water is like any other Autosuggestion, it is a case of mind over matter, there are many websites out there that give you a few Autosuggestion Tips. Mostly while I am falling asleep I’ll repeat to myself over and over again “When the alarm sounds I’ll remember my dreams” if you can wake up without an alarm great do so. But I use WBTB thing so I have to use it.

Hope this helps a little or a lot,

Good Luck,


There is a lot of other people who can give better advice

The number one trick to get rid of anything you dislike: stop disliking it. Once you don’t bother about that “little voice” any longer, it wont be any problem anymore, even if it does occur (and it most likely will not). But even with the nagging voice you could still make autosuggestion work :smile:.

I agree with Xetrov.
If that little voice pops up again, just don’t worry about it. Dwelling on the fact that this might not work is probably the worst thing that you could do. Afterall, autosuggestion is all in your head anyway, so if there’s anything that’s going to stop you from succeeding, it’s most likely your own fears and doubts.

So remember, no worries, just have confidence in yourself and you’ll succeed :smile:

The thing is that you should also develop a kind of indifference as to the outcome of the autosuggestion. If you start thinking “hmm I should not doubt, that will hinder me”, you will (if you are not so strong minded) automatically start out in a negative way, letting the doubt slip through into you mind so to speak. However, if you think “doubt ruines this technique, but I do not care since [insert reason]”, you won’t even start to doubt in the first place. For me, the [insert reason] is that I live by a philosopy of “whatever happens, I’ll be ok”. In the end, this will learn you to cast away any doubt, while at the same time it leaves you free to practise any technique as fanatically as you like.

same here. my auto suggestion is terrible :happy: :razz:

Either you’re serious or you have one cool sense of humor :tongue:

Thanks guys, I told myself for the past few nights (and during the day too) that I’d remember my dreams, and just ignored the ‘voice’. In fact, it may have helped, because if it did slip through I’d just reiterate the positive statement, beleiving it just as strongly. It worked, as this morning I wrote loads of notes, just typing them up at the moment. Possibly the most I’ve ever wrote about one dream! From now on it’s only gonna get better :smile: