Autosuggestion to wake up...

… Well, I’ve starting doing WBTB and told myself last night that I’d get up at 6 am.

It’s 4:30. Nice try, body, but I think you need to work on it xD Anyone else have this kind of experience before?

I do that too, but I usually set an alarm also.
For me though, it seems to be home-run (waking up nearly exactly the time I want) or strike-out (not waking at all) , nothing in between.

Alternatively, I have set my alarm for 6 AM almost every day. Either I get up for work then, or I do a WBTB. The few days I didn’t set it (like today), I woke up right around 6 without trying to.

I hate the sound of my alarm so I rarely uses it. When I do use it however, my brain will remember how unpleasant the sound is and I’ll wake up about 2-4 minutes before the time I set the alarm.

Yep… I do it all the time… on purpose, I mean.

I always wake myself up around 3 or 6am.

I wake up around 4 or 5 AM to go to the bathroom. I need to I want to autosuggest.