I’m kind of new here and after reading some topics I hear the word autosuggestion and I have know idea what it means. When reading it it looks like somehow waking up without an alarmclock. Now I’ve searched around for a while and haven’t found out what it means. So if someone could tell me what it means and perhaps how to do it if it infact is how to wake up by yourself that would be helpful.

Yeah autosuggestion can sound confusing because it can be used for everything, not just for LDs. But really, it’s the easiest method out there, and requires the least amount of dedication to give you the best results (LD at will).

In basic terms for lucid dreaming, autosuggestion is basically just you telling yourself (your subconscious) that you will have a lucid dream. Belief and expectation go a far way, because your subconscious will do anything you tell it to. It’s just a matter of sending the message clearly without any other counter-messages (doubts) getting in your way.

For the “how” part of doing this, you could do something as simple as actually saying outloud what your intentions are, or you could use hypnosis and bwgen to help yourself send the message. The possibilities are endless.

I wrote an article about half a year ago regarding what to actually say to your subconscious and how it may react, and instead of repeating it all in here, I’ll just give you the link. You don’t have to follow everything said here word for word, it’s just guidelines that I choose to believe in. Everybody is different, and with that comes different ways in doing things.

[url]Forming a Relationship with your Subconscious]

I’d also strongly recommend you downloading the item I was talking about earlier, BWGEN. It’s optional to pay (so in otherwords it’s free). If you get it and want to use it, use the Hypnosis preset when you are trying to ‘talk to your subconscious’ through autosuggestion. This preset basically opens up that door between you and your mind, and you can pretty much say anything from there. You may also try using the Relaxation preset before-hand. You’ll just have to experiment. Here’s the link to download BWGEN:

That’s pretty much the basics of autosuggestion! Hopefully that helped.

thanks ben that relly helped. I read your topic link and really got what you were saying about what to say to myself and how before I go to sleep, so I’m going to try that tonight. Also with the BWGEN I downloaded it and tried to open but it didn’t have a default application to open with so I tried to choose folders and make a new folder but nothing worked. So could you help me with that also please! :help:

I’m not sure I understand your problem. Did you install it? Or can you not even install it in the first place. Also, do you use MacOS or Windows?

Would be best if I could talk to you on a messenger. Whenever you’re on and if you see me, my MSN Messenger is and my AIM is bendrummin58.

If all fails, you can get away with not using bwgen. It’s not a necessity.