One Good Thing is that Autosuggestion works for me.
I have to Use the Word “I” and then say “I will write down my Dreams”
And then in the morning I would write down Some Words in my DJ Even in A Semiconscious State .
And then in the morning I Feel that what i have written does make sense…
Right now I am STRUGGLING to RECOLLECT my Dreams …
It’s been 3 months and I Still have not had a LD…
But I have Kept a Goal Far Ahead…
I am in NO Hurry
I want to become a LD er by Dec Z0ZZ
If Any one Can Help me I would be Happy.
Thanks :blush:

Check out a sample of my upcoming book. It will put a lot in perspective, after 15 years of research I think I have the balance of logic and woo almost perfect :slight_smile:

A fun trick is to give up your absolute hardest habit to break, just drop it. And every time it pops up? Then do your usual reality check. This technique may in fact tie the reality check to a different synapse – one that is rooted significantly deeper inside the subconscious.

I have not written for several days because my DJ has been Empty
Autosuggestion : Here is what happens
Before sleeping I repeat I will write down my Dreams and then in the morning in my dreams I keep trying to recollect my Dreams so that I can write it down
But I am not sure how to Explain
I don’t get Dreams
I SEE a 2d image and i keep working on the image…i am not sure how to put it in words… That is why my Dreams Journal has been Empty till now
Here is what I am doing in WAKING State
I work Data Entry Job for 8 hrs and before sleeping I play PC Games
Any Suggestions please …