Average acceptable LD's per year/month?

Hey guys, I know many people here have had many LDs, and the characteristic of ‘‘many’’ LD’s can vary between people, so I’d like to know…

What do you consider a satisfying amount of LD’s in a month? or in a year?

One and one, respectively. :wink: But that’s just for me personally.

I can reach 4+ per week when my motivation is very high (during breaks, or when i need to solve a big problem). If i had a month to focus and get good rest, i would shoot for 20. Although i guess that isn’t saying much since i’ve had 78 LDs total, and i’ve been at it for 2 and a half years… school really hinders my LDing. I plan on getting past 100 by the end of summer, easily.

Back in the day, I had about 15 LD’s per month, maybe 130 in a year. That’s more than average.

I used the DILD technique most, then MILD, and I had like 10 WILD’s.

I can’t Lucid Dream anymore for some reason, so don’t feel bad.

It’s hard transitioning from having Lucid Dreams every second night, to having one every second month.

I think my record for a month was 10, or something like that… let’s see… I’ve had 32 since February. It’s tended to stay to 1-3 a week.

No amount of LD’s is acceptable to me, until all my dreams will be lucid :tongue: but for now, I’ve got an average 7/week. They still have to grow in length to become something though :lol:

I am with you there! I am a novice, but still, I can’t help but feel empty after every night I haven’t had an LD. It is addicting, not only because Lucid Dreaming feels so good, you also wake up with a dose of energy to last you the whole day, and a total sense of wellbeing with the belief that you can achieve anything. For right now until I can do this every night 3 LDs a week would be acceptable. :wiske:

agreed! when we all LD all the time, we’ll have that much more to talk about!

All you people who wanna have LD’s every night. ND’s are nice too. :tongue:

As for what’s acceptable, that’s completely up to the individual.
I get 7+ a week and I’m perfectly content with that.
My goal was to have over 500 more LD’s in the next 2 years. But honestly, it’s quality over quantity. As long as I’m getting quality dreams regardless of whether they’re lucid or not, that’s what matters. And I consider the quality of my dreams acceptable. ^^
Of course, there’s always room for improvement.

for me even having one a week would be a good start still working on my first one i think i’m going to be one of those people that want to have more than 4+ a week though normal dreams are still fun :slight_smile:

My average has been one a week for many years, and I get happily surprised if I get more than that. It isn’t disappointing if I get less, unless I take a nap after doing some errand in the morning and really expect one.

Wow! I didn’t expect LD4all’ers to have so many LD’s in so little time (IMO) :sad: , for me, having an LD a month would be a great accomplishment. I’ve had LD’s before, but not intentionally and it was mostly when I was around the age of 8-15. But now its like a Journey and a decission that I’ve made to myself! I want to become Lucid!

Maybe someday I’ll get to have as much LD’s a a week/month as many forumers around here! :content:

I would be happy to have one per month/12 per year… but to be satisfied, it would have to be 2 per week :smile: (which would push the amount to 104 in a year :boogie: )

For me it would be 1 per week.

I just counted that during first two years of concious development of my LD abilities, i had averagely 6 dreams per month. Nowadays i barely have 1 per month, and usually they are pretty short LD-s.

Unfortunately i cannot make much improvements nowadays, because we have 1y4m young son growing up, and most of our nights are disturbed by him waking up. And as i was home with him (trying to finish my studies and get to work in autumn), my night sleep was usually pretty short. And as you see more dreams during the last part of sleep cycles, then it was already morning and i was forced to wake up :neutral:

My LD heyday was when I was a teenager living at home. I probably had a good 2 or 3 a month and I wasn’t trying that hard. Nowadays, if I don’t keep a dream journal, I don’t remember my dreams. I’m just now getting back to it again. I had a lucid dream just this last night for no particular reason.

I’m learning to simply appreciate dreams, lucid or otherwise. Their worth to my waking creativity is good as they are.

For me, currently is once every 5 months

Couldn’t agree more with you man! Dreams should be appreciated wether they are lucid or not! :content:

Thats alot of LD’s in a month in my opinion! I wish I could reach that number xD.

I can’t agree with you more :smile:

When i was younger and didnt know what lucid dreaming is, i had like one every 2-3 months.
That went on for some years, until i got excited and actually googled what those kind of dreams are.
Once i got into the topic, read a book about it, did many RCs i had like 3 a week.
However after some time it didnt turn me on that much anymore, and i got less LDs.
Wyvern is right.

quality > quantity

For me its the Quality, not the Quantity that matters, as long as the dream is enjoyable Im fine with it :cool: