Awesome experience

This week I was on a trip over the Europe with my school and a really strange thing happened once. It was a few days ago but I couldn’t post it here since I didn’t have access to the internet.
Anyway… We were riding on a bus and I decided to take a nap (no intentions of lucid dreaming whatsoever… I just wanted to sleep). While falling asleep there was this certain friend next to me. When I fell asleep I suddenly had a dream.
I was still on the bus but the friend wasn’t next to me anymore… She went to sit with another friend. In front of me there was a mirror. The image was clear but when I looked at my forehead it was full of giant acne. I started popping it and that’s when I got into a new place.
I was in a museum of some sort with another friend. We were looking at the stuff there but I decided to go into some strange room without my friend. I got inside and tried to open the closet that was in there but suddenly this blue portal overcame me. I was suddenly falling or something (I had the sensation of falling) and I was surrounded by some weird shapes. Then a blue portal overcame me again and I woke up in reality.

Now the thing is that I was aware that I was dreaming from the point that I got into the museum. The weird thing is that I still didn’t have any control over the dream. I just wanna know what this was? I mean it was something between being lucid and NDing but strange and awesome all together :smile:

Best regards!

low level lucidity… lucid dreaming at its most basic level is being aware that you are dreaming. it is possible to be aware that you are dreaming, but not exercise any control over the dream. you just had a very low level of lucidity, that’s all. you were aware that it was a dream, but you still followed the dream.

This has happened to me alot of times! One is perfectly aware of dreaming, yet we don’t possess any control over the dream! I think its the beginning stage - so to speak - of becomming lucid!