Awesome Idea inspired by Harry Potter

Hi, so this is my first post. :peek:
So I was reading Harry Potter and got this awesome idea for a lucid dream. I haven’t tried it yet, but I was wondering if anyone else has. Basically, you walk up to a DC and use a wand to take out some random memory from their head. Then you put it in a pensieve and jump into it and see whatever the memory is. Do you think this will work and what do you think you might see?

There are some experienced lucid dreamers here, and one used to take requests in the lucid adventures forum. If you feel compelled, you might go to the lucid lab and start a thread encouraging someone to try this out; sounds like the results would be interesting :smile:

that would be AWESOME. i need to try that. now,to get a lucid dream…

that´s interesting… the only harry potter thing I have done in a LD was play quidditch… and I wasn’t very good at it. :confused:

Brilliant!! It’s so genius, the very first post may just be a preview of inspirations to come!

“Where is the subscribe button?”

Yeah, I’ll do that. Thanks.

Thanks :happy: