B-12 question

Im gonna start takin B-12 to help my dreaming and on the bottle it says 1,000 mcg does mcg stand for? Also how many mcgs add up to one mg? :smile:

One more question: does B-12 have the same dream effects as B-6, because if so it is much safer to take because there are no found side-effects from taking high doses!

mcg = microgrammes
1000 microgrammes are 1 milligramme
1000 milligrammes are 1 gramme

I don’t think B12 will have any effect on your dreaming.

Below 100 mg B6 is harmless (especially when in those time released pills).

But doesn’t B12 help B6 with the effect it has on dreaming?

All B (and other vitamins/minerals) work together. But as far as I know there is not an extreme B12 effect on B6. I could be wrong on this however. :wink:

B2 (Riboflavin) and magnesium are necessary for conversion of B6(pyridoxine) in the body. Vitamin B6 also interacts with zinc.

B12 brings out vividness of a dream, at least for me. I avoid taking it on an empty stomach. It is kinda of hard on mine.

I’ve been taking B vitamins for a long time along with a GOOD multi-vitamin and mineral two times a day. Once in the morning and again in the evening. It is true however for the first few days of taking any vitamin you will notice a small differance in the way you feel. This will go away once your body gets accustomed to what it is your taking.

Do it smart. Don’t take a large dose of anything right away. Start out at a lower dosage first and work your way up over a couple weeks.
Body size is an issue. If you are a smaller or larger person then tweak the amount slightly that will fit to your body stature.

If you wan’t to start a B Vitamin regiment also keep in mind a B Complex is better to take than say a B-12 and a B-6 together. Now you CAN take the 12 and 6 together, that is perfectly o.k. and will have no harm at all. The reason I suggest a Complex is because it contains all the B vitamins out there along with trace minerals, which help the body to absorb everything much easier instead of breaking down and passing through you.

As for dreaming. I personaly haven’t noticed much of a differance in my dreams but at least I can say since taking them, I do feel much better during the day and when everyone around me is sick I’m usualy healthy. Vitamins, when taken regularly, raise the bodys immune system. You won’t get sick as often and when you do get sick it doesn’t last as long. Which should be a reason to take them anyway.

Sorry for the long reply. Hope I helped somebody with my ramblings. :tongue: