B6 when should I take it?

wow if it’s the same here, then its way cheap, wow, even i could afford that

yes its cheap :smile: most B vit are! :wink:

i didnt have the patient to read every entry, so at risk of repeating something already said, i apologize before hand…

my step moms a nurse (her credibility im not too certain of) but legally she practices medicine, and she said that vitamins before bed screw with your kidneys

you can also take it during WBTB, that brings good results for me :smile:… i usually take one pill, and split in half… taking both halves so i absorb it better. one pill of the brand i use is 100mg

There is caffeine in some brands of B vitamins. It’s wise to read the label before taking anything! B vitamins with caffeine gave me a sleepless night once.