B6 when should I take it?

When shod it take the vitamins? When I go to sleep ore during the day?

before bed

take it a few hours before bed. I took 200mg of it last night before I went to bed and had over 10 LDs this morning…theres gotta be some connection.

There isn’t a connection until you repeat the success :smile: That could have just been the power of suggestion

200mg?? Ain’t the maximum quantity you may take is about 100-125 mg? Otherwise some side effects can occur if you take larger amounts more often.

I find I can’t sleep very well if I take too much vitamin B before bed. I usually end up waking up during the first REM-period sweating and really confused.

And this happens from about 400% more than the daily dose.

Yeah happens to me too, if I take doses above 75mg. It’s quite an unpleasant feeling. Dream recall however is always amazing :smile:
Nowadays I got a slight aversion to the typical taste of B6 supplements. The natural way still works best for me :content:

I forgot to write that I use a B-vitamin with all 8 B-vitamines. It seems to be hard to find any here that have more than 100% of RDA so I want to take 75 mg of B6 I would have to take 34 pills :eek: atleast of the ones that I’m using at the moment.

But it does seem to help a little with dream recall.

I THOUGHT that over 50 mg temporary BRAIN DAMAGE??


If you take a multi-vitamin in the mornings, try taking it at night instead or cut it in half and take one at night and the other in the morning. Some multi-vitamin supplements have a ton of B6 in them already and the amount of course would be printed on the label.
It would not hurt to consult with a qualified nutritionist about what levels of what vitamins are good for your particular body type. Different people can handle different levels of B6 and it may be a little risky to dose on something(even something as innocent as a vitamin) without knowing what the potential is.
I find that B6 does work for more dreams by the way even at a New Moon. Some have been lucid.
Happy Lucidity

Nop that not the case.

U can take 200 if u want but i sould not rekomand doing that regular… I sould say that u could take 150 as a max but do not take over 200 it could bring temporary brain damage :wink:

but remember 1,4-2,6 mg / day is what the boddy need’s

Before sleep, but start at a smaller dose and work your way up.

Just one B6 vitamin (publix brand) is 100 mg, its small, and it says its 5000% of the daily value. Took 5 the other day and I am fine

Did u take 500 mg? OK now is it my turn :smile:

I THOUGHT that over 350 mg temporary BRAIN DAMAGE??

DON’T TAKE 500!!!

I am series about this it is NOT good! Do not do this again… and if i still will do it again do not do this regulary!!!

If B6 is really that strong why would they sell it in 100mg pills, I will admit that the day after I took 500mg I felt a little euphoric during the day which wasn’t normal, but it didn’t do any damage. I do believe you guys about that 5-6mg a day is the daily dosage because this morning I looked on the back of my Centrum vitamin bottle and for B6 its only 2mg and says 100% daily value… why the hell is publix selling B6 100mg pills with 5000% the daily value?

Usualy do u not need to take B6 u get your dose natrualy…
but u do not get damage of one 500 dose but if u do it offen…
but B6 only stay in the boddy ib 8h so dont be worry

i have read that if u have some sickness (i don know which) a mega-dose and that can be up to 2000 mg could be recomandae by a doctor… but try to take 200 insted it will give u the some effect but whit oute damage…

so ppl are saying 50mg, 150, 200, wich is it?? and is this stuff cheap? :neutral:

Yes Dream_Reacher its cheap.
Well in most books u finsd dont take more then 150 to 200 mg.
Some usa data banks pump up the volume and go way higher then that.
It can give kidney stones and nerve damage if u really take high dosages every day like above 200 mg.
And of course the higher you go above that the higher the risk on such damage becomes. ’
I still dont find it a miracle tool for getting lds.
I tested it for long and it seemed to help real slightly in a pos yes for more lds.

Of course it helps a bit at least for remembering your dreams.

how cheap? and so if i only took like 100mg a day i would be fine right?

Iam from the Netherlands, here i buy a bottle of 90 tablets of 50 mg b6 for about 4 dollars. No idea what it cost in other countries.
I take never more then 50 mg. 100 mg is sure strong enough if u wanne keep it all healthy to.