Back after quite some time

Hey guys,

I’m back after quite some time…like a long long time.
I used to be be back during covid and have grown over the times, with my sleep also changing as a result.

I’m now currently 15, nearly 16 → about to do my exams. But yesterday I was hit with a dream. And it was a lucid one.

A lucid dream, after quite some time. And let me be clear with you, i haven’t had the best of sleeps. Over time my sleep has been getting bad and bad but i’m on the verge of turning that now. I have 4 hour sleep days, sometimes 5 if i’m lucky. I should change that and I will, with a few encounters to the doctors and after getting some sleep advice in, i’m genuinely excited. Not just for more sleep, but for more lucidness within them.

So back onto the point, I dreamed lucid yesterday without doing anything, this is of course bound to happen at some point in someone’s life i assume. But the dream was very weird, I knew i was dreaming yet I decided to let the dream create the landscape and it was me seeing myself lucid dreaming a year ago with perfect sleep mirrored to my sleep behaviour now, it was almost as if i was getting a leap back in time to my past just for my subconscious to tell me to start getting good sleep again.

So it begged a question, I still know how to lucid dream. But would it work at such an age where I consume caffeine and sugar quite a bit? Would it still work if I slept 4-6 hours a day? And how would i lucid dream efficiently? What works best for you?

I’m glad to see myself come back here and see my old posts especially, i was really keen on lucid dreaming then and my lucid dream yesterday seems to have sparked it again.

Have a great day!


I’m replying mostly because I think people have some weird ideas about diet and lucid dreaming. I don’t really know how much diet helps or hurt lucid dreaming. Some people swear that their LDing picked up after modifying their diet in some sense. I’ve never had that experience.

The obvious disadvantage to only sleeping 4-6 hour is that the amount if REM sleep you’re getting is limited. I presume you know that each 90 min sleep cycle has more and more REM as the evening goes on. Hours 7,8, 9 … are prime lucid dreaming territory. You are simply dreaming a lot more.

Caffeine can actually aid in getting lucid. We used to call it CWILD. Or caffeine withdrawl induced lucid dream. Get off it was a few days or better yet, one week. Do a WBTB. Take a modest amount of caffeine. And go back to sleep right away. It tends to produce hyper awareness and better logical processing in your dreams. And potentially lucidty.