Back at square one..

Okay, so I used to be into LDing about a year ago. To date, I’ve had a single LD, and tons of ND’s thanks to my DJ. Back then I used to be able to go from WILD to HI without any sort of problem.

I got interested in it randomly about a month ago, and have been getting into it more and more. I’ve tried WILDs a lot but lately I rarely get to SP or HI at all. I always write down my dreams daily, and they’ve been getting more and more dreams lately (according to my dream journal). I don’t do too many RCs daily, but I’d say it’s at least 10 daily.

I’ve recently gotten into that Silva Ultramind meditation, thinking it might help, but I still have yet to listen to the hypnosis.mp3.

I’ve had zero success with MILDs, and with the LucidWarp and Infinity programs, and WBTB’s are nearly impossible because it takes a truck to wake me (extremely heavy sleeper for some reason).

So my only possiblity at this point is WILD. So far, I’ve only tried WILDs before I go to bed, because I don’t have the time (until tomorrow) during the day to take a nap. Can anyone tell me some of their favorite techniques that they’ve had success with? I know we’re all different people, but I’m starting to lose motivation here!

What I do, tense my muscles for a bit, until you can feel them when you are not tensing them anymore.
After that I do a breath awerness excersize to clear my mind (no thoughts may appear, if you can do 10 nice big breaths and no thoughts interrupt, then you are ready for the next stage (the stage I am doing) and that is the 61 point technique … opic=10742 )
While I am doint that technique I mostly drift off and feel the numbness that I am supposed to feel. Didnt manage to get more than that though, but it worked the first time I did it. Maybe you can get further. You should give it a shot if you already havent.

And also, just look around: … c&&start=0

Happy dreaming :content:

Do DEILD (also called chaining/REM surfing). Easiest way to get a LD in my opinion. I had 2 LDs in the past two days after trying this. I was struggling to use MILD and WILD but with this I had an LD the first time I tired it.

Resolve to wake up after your dreams tonight.
Wake up after one of your dreams in the middle of the night.
Do not move. Play dead. Patiently wait for the dream to come. Alternately, perform a WILD technique.
Enjoy a lucid dream. When you wake up after it…
Do not move. Play dead. Wait for the dream to come back…

I don’t know if this will work for you since you said you are a heavy sleeper. I just say to myself “I will wake up after every dream” and when I do, I do the technique above and it worked!

In my opinion doing a WILD as I’m going to sleep is really hard. Since you have to go through the delta phase first. Usually WBTB+WILD is the best way to use WILD but you said WBTB would be impossible for you. Hmmmm. The only thing I can think of is doing RCs and hope that you get LDs by DILD… I don’t know. Tell me what you think.