Back from a long long LDing break

Hey guys, so like it says on my profile I used to be quite good at lucid dreaming. I used to have about 3-5 a week at one point, so yeah I’ve had about 100 lucid dreams in my life. That was about 2 years ago, but then things started to go downhill for me and my family, so I wasn’t able to focus on lucid dreaming and the ability faded away from me. Nowadays my dream recall isn’t as good as it used to be, most nights all I can remember are simple dream fragments because my short term memory has worsened a bit. Now that I’m focusing a bit and will start a journal soon, I’m starting to remember more vivid scenes, but my dream recall definitely needs work. My main goal is to get at least one good LD because I know that once that happens, my abilities will start to come back really fast. Do you guys have any advice/help for me to get back to LDing?

Start using WBTB, and try to get your alarm to wake you up during your REM period. That’s usually what I do when my dream recall isn’t doing so well.

It’s a gradual process, but since you already had a lot of LDs you’l probablyl get the ability again a lot faster than the first time.

Did you induce those LDs knowingly, or were those just random occurences? I think it’s safe to assume from your use of the word “ability” that it is the former, but it’s good to be sure.


I’m in the same situation as you (except that I stopped for 6 years…). For now, I’m working on my dream recall and begun writing a new DJ. I’m trying to identify my dream signs and, so far, I’ve noticed that I have acrophobic dreams quite frequently (six years ago, it was just the same thing).

I’ll try to improve my dream recall a little more before moving to more advanced techniques. I’m especially interested in WILD, a technique I’ve never really mastered.

I cannot do WBTB as of now since I live in close quarters with my roommate :sad: I induced most of my LDs through DILD-i.e. I used reality checks, but I had good amount of DEILDs and a few lucky WILDs.
I don’t really have dreamsigns that are constant, so I rely on constant reality checks that carry over into my dreams x3 My plans for my living situation are DEILD and DILD. I can do DEILD because my roommate gets up way earlier than me and always partially wakes me up, so I’m thinking I can take advantage of that and be able to lucid dream for a good 2 hours before I have to get up for class.

got my first LD with reality checks!! :gni:

Well even if you did have a fair amount of lucid dreams I think it wouldn’t hurt if you start from the beginning. Like you said probably your DR needs some work on and you should definitely work on that.

From your post you mostly had DILD’s which is the best case scenario in my opinion. Those are lucid dreams with good background on mnemonic memory and awareness in general. Practice that and LL and you will have no problem with inducing lucidity…

yeah that’s pretty much what I’m doing. I’m starting completely from scratch and I’m getting pretty good results actually. I’m doing a substantial amount of reality checks during the day and usually that carries over to my dreams. I want to train up my skill in DEILD, but I should practice my DILD and LL some more before I move on.

I am coming back from a break as well. I met a girl, moved out of parents house, and quit smoking weed. Three very big changes in my life and I’m rather upset I let my favorite new passion drift off when I was up to about 20 a month. It’s hard when you’re sharing a bed. Not so much a problem of space, we got a king, more a problem of “energy”. I’m really sensitive to it, partially due to Lucid Dreaming opening doors to a whole other spiritual life.

But I’m starting around the beginning again. As for anyone coming back I suggest remembering a key phrase: “If you have done it, it can be done”. That’s what I’m sticking too.

I’ve also got a recording studio with a vocal booth large enough to fully stretch out and lounge in. I’m calling it my “Holy of Holies”. I’m cleansing the energy, meditating and encorporating nature inside to give me sort of a dream chamber.

Again on the break thing, work out the issues that caused you to leave. Then, once again, put Lucid Dreaming where it belongs… on a front burner. Lucidity was much more to me than play time. I need that spiritual communion again. Let’s do it. Let’s start over. I’m eager to hear everyone’s second round progress.

I myself have not quit…that habit since I require it medically [mod]As a reminder, it is against forum guidelines to discuss illegal substances. Please end the conversation on it here :tardis:[/mod] Lucidity is definitely on the front burner again for me. I was always the type of guy who could easily attain lucidity, but only when it’s on the front burner. I love the dream chamber idea! I’d definitely want to try that if I had a larger apartment :sad: But yeah, I’ve lucid dreamed before, and I just did again, so I’m hoping that I’ll progress quickly :3