Back to try again.....

Well, I must have had about 5 good LD’s in the 4 years I’ve been trying. I can still remember them now as clear as anything. However, I found I was getting nowhere quick with my quest to learn lucid dreaming on a regular basis and gave up 12 months ago.

But now…I’m back! - to try again.

Why? because last night I had another LD and I forgot how cool it was. Woke up on my back, levitated about 3 feet above the bed, flew down stairs (literally) and had a wander round my house knowing I was dreaming. Then I had a false awakening, and that was pretty cool too.

So, I think I’ll persue my little hobby again. Hopefully get a lot of tips from this great site.

Dream on,

DREAM ON !!! \m/(>_<)\m/

Im doing the same exact thing. I always have a problem of gettin so enthusiastic about somethin, I just kinda burn out before I finish. I dont know if that really made scence, but Ive tried lucid dreaming a few times in the past and just somehow lost interest and then remembered about it a few months later. I dunno why I lose interest but this time Im not gonna. Ill stick to it this time.

:wave: Welcome sleepyguitarman!!!

Happy to hear you’re starting back up again! This site is very helpful, useful, wonderful, otherfuls… Anyway, good luck! :thumbs:

Hey thanks guys. Nice welcome.

Yep, I’m going to give it my best shot. LD’s are so cool to have. Generally when I have had one it makes me feel the whole day - if not the whole month.

I remember one of my first LD’s when I realised I was lucid, I started running down the road and took off “Superman” style. From there I flew everywhere. The clarity of the scenery when I was flying over the houses was simply breathtaking.

…Oh and then another dream where I was fascinated by a brick wall where I could simply put my hand through the wall as slowly as possible. In - out - in - out. Kept me amused for hours (well, probably minutes actually).

In my LD’s I am fully aware that I am safely at home sleeping in my nice warm bed, so that crocodile over there had best watch itself, else it will have me to deal with :cool:


Welcome and goodluck!!!

It’s great to know you’re starting up again. I hope you have many great LD experiences :content: