backflips :O

i just found out about backflips and they look so cool, but they might be dangerous:P so, if you think they are, go ahead and delete this topic:P
here’s a tutorial from youtube:

Back flips are nice and all… but I prefer to learn kip ups (or nip ups if you prefer)

Although I did like the moonsault-esque one. :tongue:

Oooh, how inspiring! Wish I could do that, but I don’t even want to try. I kind of like living… and I’d want to stay alive for at least some time longer. :razz:

Awesome video though, and good tutorial too.

I’ve never been much at any type of acrobatics, so I don’t think I’ll be trying that any time soon. :colgate: There isn’t much of a use for knowing how to do all of that, although I can see how cool it would be just to show it off at random moments. :hmmm:

lol, practice them in lucid dreams, then when you get a false sense of confidence, try it iin real life! :razz:

i used to do that before… not anymore though :tongue:

There’s yet another reason I must start practising capoeira when I graduate! :tongue:

lol, exercising in lucid dreams, just what i thought about :tongue:

wall jumps seem easier though :tongue:

I’m not in good enough shape for backflips. I keep on seeing two people I know doing crazy acrobatic stunts, and it just makes me jealous. :razz:
Wall jumps really are a lot easier, though. Try doing multiple ones on a corner!

I tried to do a backflip once. I landed head down and my neck made a scary crunching sound.


ive always wanted to be good at gymnastic things - they look so fun. all i can do is a front handspring tho. :smile: but ive actually tried gymnastics while lucid and it didnt really work out. every time id go for something, the physics would seem to confuse itself and i just felt like i was both right-side up and upside down at the same time. so…i gave up on that one.

i learned to do a kip-up a while ago, but it’s winter now so i’m not doing much tricking etc annymore, i’ll go back to doing it in the summer again