Bad dream i had

I dreamed i was walking down the street and accidentally bumped into this girl in a blue dress and stepped on the girl’s foot and at the same time she looked at me really mad and focused her eyes on me and before i knew it all my clothes were coming off leaving me butt naked!:(After that everyone was pointing and laughing!:(Why did i have this weird dream?:frowning:

Being naked in public is a common dream that a lot of people experience. If you feel ashamed or embarrassed while naked, the DC s will almost always point and laugh.(or something else, nothing is definite). This leads to further embarrassment and more pointing. The way I deal with this is to never be embarrassed in the first place. About a week ago I had a dream in which I was a short distance away from an empty car park. I then realised I was completely naked. A bus load of tourists rocked up and I was in full view. I boldly stood on the edge of the car park facing them full on and smiled and waved. This produced a great reaction from the tourists. Some of them began taking pictures, some started laughing , but most of them were just utterly horifyed at the scene of a naked Aussie smiling and waving at them.

Looking back, I see that I could have been very embarrassed. But because I turned it into a negative experience for the tourists (apart from the creeps with cameras) it became a positive experience for me.

I’m not sure how easy it is for someone to become shameless. I can’t remember ever feeling ashameed in real life ( and my friends have sometimes said I have no shame) so I guess that has become true for when I am dreaming.

I hope this helps in some way. And remember, if you allow negative emotions into your dreams, you will almost cirtainly have a negative experience.