Bad LD Experience

Hello all;

It wasn’t until a little over a week ago that lucid dreaming perked my interest. I’ve spent hours reading sites all over the net about lucid dreaming and the different methods to achieve it.

I woke up several times throughout the night last night and one of those times I remembered to tell myself to “Go lucid next time I am dreaming”, and fell asleep soon after. Ever dream about driving a car? It’s not pretty. But anyhow, I eventually arrived at some sort of lodge. I stood there walking around when random people about my age started showing up and began to talk to each other.

This is where it gets weird…there was a very attractive blonde haired girl there. As soon as I noticed her she walked into the backroom and began to pour water on herself. She walked out of the room and sat down on a red leather chair and began to rub herself all over in front of everyone :eh: , and only I seemed to notice; this went on for what seemed like a minute. Then I realized this is ridiculous, “I must be dreaming…that’s right!”

The dream suddenly went blank. The darkness lasted for a few seconds and during that period of time I could think about things, however it was a little foggy. I remember thinking “So this is what it’s like to become lucid?” The darkness began to become lighter and lighter, and I thought to myself “Better not get too excited” because I would probably wake up. All of a sudden I felt something jab into my right upper thigh. It felt just like a knife going clean into my skin, through the muscle, and pinching a nerve. The pain was so real that even during my waking hours I remember exactly how it felt. It suddenly jabbed me again. Around the third time, I could start to feel my physical body jump and twitch in bed but I knew that I was still sleeping. I slowly started to wake up. What’s weird is the pain suddenly came and went with each jab; it didn’t linger at all as it would in reality. I woke up just as the last jab hit me, and got out of bed with the intention to right it down ASAP.

I just think it’s a weird first experience. Instead of waking up when things start to get interesting, I began to feel pain. This ever happen to anyone else?
sorry for the long post but it’s hard to explain a dream in a paragraph =P

Although I am no specialist, I would not throw away the idea of SP (Sleep paralysis). Although you did not have true vision it is possible this was replaced by the blankness (eyes closed without knowing). Interesting enough you experienced your body moving, which is not the case in SP, however, it, again did not.

Sleep paralysis is combined with hallucination due to the bodys own chemicals, this can take its form as seeing blankness instead of a hagg etc. and feeling motion instead of immobilization (why not?). Moreover, it is often accompanied by a feeling of suffocation or chest pain. The feeling of suffocation is due to the fact of losing the feeling in your lungs (the cause of this is the chamical compound GABA) combined with breathing becoming automatic and not controllable. This is not dangerous in any way, pain etc. in sleep paralysis is only a sensation, nothing more.


I don´t know, perhaps Joccis is right.

I just wanted to add:
In spite of common believe, it IS possible to feel pain in dreams.
Most times when I feel “pain” in dreams it is not like the real thing.It´s somehow unreal… like I only have the pain feeling but it is nothing negative.A bit hard to explain…
Anyway, some times I also had normal pain in my dreams.This just feels like pain does in RL, but it doesn´t happen to me as often as this “dream pain” thing.


Just as a sidenote, I have also suffered a sudden strain in the back, just unconfortable, not painful, during WILD. This might be connected to the sleeping position, or otherwise just a feeling. This strain occurs in the beginning, first my hearing becomes suddenly damped or altered, such as a sudden blurr of noice. The strain, if it occurs, takes my concentration, causing awakening (false or real) spoiling it all. It would be easy if increased concentration helped, but I have actually noted it to be a possible factor of awakening for me.

Best Wishes

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