Bad LDs: I'm getting depressed

Hello everyone,

I’m starting to get really depressed. My school work is tying me down. The LD’s I’ve gotten are worse than ever. No control and little lucidity. I feel like I want to chunk down into a pile. I feel really depressed about all this, also because a failed attempt to fight darkness in an LD yesterday. Argh. Reading people’s journal even makes it worse. I read what fantastic things they can do even in their first LD. I’ve had almost twenty and I have done nothing really cool. So I really need people’s support and help here… the trouble is not getting LD’s, it’s more like a stressy life with so bad LD’s after so much work to get them I can do nothing in them. Read my DJ to find out… :help: :help: :cry:

Well, I got same problem.It’s not too hard for me to get lucid, but doing something awesome is hard. And school, that takes away most of REM :neutral:. I am just trying on get LDs mostly at weekends (way more time to sleep -> more dreams -> more time to LD ). Then am also not ‘in hurry’ in dreams. I am not afraid of waking up. If I will get lucid in schoolweek, I am trying to do also cool dream stuff etc. etc., but most of times I am waking up fastly. But at least i am training recogenizing dream state. :eh: I know that’s not best way, but there is no a great exit from that situation.

If you can’t fight the darkness, then there is somthing it symbolises.
have you tried to, like, talk to it?

Yes. Check my latest dream in my DJ.

I’ve talked a bit on the chat site and PolarBear brought some interesting points up… I’m going to try these tonight.

Hi Python Angel!

I sympathise with your cause. I know how all that school work and such will cause late nights and not enough quality sleep to lucid dream.

When I was in grade school I used to take naps in the afternoon, right when I got home, to make up for the lost sleep at night. That would’ve been a great time to WILD, because it’s in the middle of the day when your mind is active and alert!

Once you get in a dream, maybe try some Lucid Cola or the Lucid Pill, or a Lucid Potion. All great tools to give you the lucidity you need! You can also take pills or potions that will morph you or give you powers.

I’ve had over 40 LDs since joining LD4all, but they’ve all been so short that the only things I’ve done are fly and go through a mirror. So keep trying!

We all have our really bad moments in lucid dreams, and honestly yours isn’t so bad. At least you are somewhat having lucid dreams. I myself am having a bit of a dark situation with LDs, except I can’t even induce one anymore. It’s hard, it’s annoying, but most importantly, it’s not permanent. Dryspells will end, and challenges will be conquered. All it takes is some patience and practice. Don’t let the failed attempts bring you down, as that will only make things worse and make the situation last longer. If you don’t succeed a night, then tell yourself you will try harder the following night. Leave it at that, don’t go into thinking how it seems impossible to get something done.

Anyways, as for your wanting to accomplish greater things in LDs, I would do what Vi suggested; that is the object induced actions (the lucid cola/pill/potion…). If you use these things, it really helps you as a person know for certain that a certain action will be done. For instance in real life when you want to turn the lights on, you flick a switch, knowing 100% that performing that action, you will get what you want. Well the same thing goes for lucid dream actions. Assign something to a pill or drink or anything you want, and say when you do something with that object (if it were a pill, when you swallow it…), the specified outcome will come true.

Awww! sends you hugs and better LDs

I tend to have fear and anxiety ridden LDs too…obviously these dreams are of pretty low lucidity. I need to keep in mind that it’s absolutely useless to try to fight or run from these sorts of things. I need to confront and hug them. :cheesy:

It’s a downwards spiral…if you are depressed, you’ll expect bad/no LDs, and that’s just what you’ll get. School times aren’t really the best for LDs.

The best tip is to decrease stress. Not only will it help your dreaming, it’s healthier overall.