Bad slang

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Rap people? :hm:

Hehehe… yes the rap people are trying to lay down on the video games. I mean that a lot of people are trying to sully the good name of video games.

What does that have to do with rap? :neutral:

sigh “rap” used in that context (i.e. “video games are getting a bad rap”) is refering to the reputation or image that is being associated with something. So to say that people are laying a bad rap on video games means they are “dissing” them or putting them down.

:gni: he he he. “Rap” also know as “rep” as in reputation. :oof:

Well use REP for reputation and RAP for… rap. ;-D

Well, I don’t really mean reputation. A bad rap affects your reputation but its not really the same thing. Its a phrase… look it up.


I am Job.

In my country, there is a political party called REP.
I really hope they’ll never gain enough REPutation to enter our parlaments :wink:

traumgänger should know what I’m talking about…

Hopefully some rappers who rap against the REPs will soon get some rep


In my country there is a party called the “GOP,” which is just another reference to the republican party. Recently, news broadcasters have decided to drop the “G.O.P” term because too many viewers were asking what it meant. It’s an acronym for “Grand Old Party.” Interestingly enough, I’ve met the daughter of one of the men that helped start the republician party back in 1854, she said she can still remember him riding up to the house on horse and buggy. She is very old, but still very sharp.

LostBoy, you’re right! “Rap” and not “rep” is common slang here in the US, but IMO “reputation” is a good definition of the slang term “rap.”