Bad sleep = Good dreams

News flash!!!
Painocus gets bether recall and more lucids when he wakes up all the time! :eek:

I ofen have bad sleep and wakes up and falls asleap agein many times during the night.
It is normaly at nights like this I get lucids and the best recall. :hmmm:

Interesting… Redfin said the same thing in his thread. I’ll try it out.

for me its exactly the opposite.
If im having a dream, wakes upp and does not write it down. Then if i go 2 sleep again i will not remeber it.

I’m the same.

If i keep waking up I remember alot more dreams and in more detail than normal. The dreams are often more vivid during them as well.

This is how it works for me too. This makes sense because if you wake up out of your dream (instead of staying asleep and entering another dream) it is fresh in your mind and your MEMORY can store it before it fades away, it seems to me that generally dreams are not stored in your memory unless you really think about them while awake.

Yep, the more often I wake up, the more dreams I remember.

I would agree with the title; waking up would probably mean more interuptions in the vivid parts of the dream cycle.

I had a night like this last night…must have awoken several times and remembered a dream each time. One of them was lucid does happy dance

For me the same is sad, but true.