Bad Sleeping Pattern

I was wondering if going to bed real late at different times is gonna effect my dream recall. Im on summer vacation right now, so Im normally going to bed at different times, like one night, 1:30AM… 2:30AM,… or 3:30AM. Does it make a difference, or would it help to get on a good sleep pattern, or does it make any difference either way?


yeah dude, i’ve been going to bed at random times lately and i haven’t remembered a single dream for about three days now. usually i can get at least one or two every night…

Well rather than the actual times that you go to sleep, it more the overall amount of sleep that you get. So as long as you’re still getting the same amount of sleep as usual then it won’t make a difference.

But the more sleep the better. I’ve got holidays too and have actually been going to bed earlier than usual and I’ve been getting 12 hours sleep a night, very good for LDing… :content: