I forgot how totally awesome that WBTB is. I did it this morning (not on purpose) and had the longest LD I’ve ever had. I highly suggest to all you school kids now that it’s summer.

I’m going to start WBTBing again too, I’ve been inactive for too long.

That’s so weird! This is the first I’ve ever read about WBTB, but I’ve actually done them before! Not intentionally. But many of the LDs I’ve had were when I woke up after about 6 hours of sleep, then went back to sleep (so I could sleep in longer!). That’s when I would have my most vivid LDs.

But I never considered using that brief awake time to focus on something LD related. Will definitely try that tomorrow morning (actually, EVERY morning, because my son always wakes me up around 6am, arrrrgh!)

I’m so glad I came across this post!

I only recent found the WBTB method useful. I have always known about it of corse I was just afraid of trying anything that would disrupt my sleep. I usually would practice WILD at my regular bed time and I would either become successful or would fall asleep and wake up in my dreams later. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and went right back to sleep using WILD and I was amazed at how quickly it worked. So now I do WILD at my bed time and WBTB. I never stay up very long ( just a few minutes at most). In fact if I do not have to I don’t even move. I suffer no disruption in my sleep and get to practice lucid dreaming more than once per night.