Banned books in our schools...

Im holding a list of books there going to ban from our schools this year, and Im so pissed. I cant believe some. OK I can understand "Harry potter, and lord of the rings, but check this out. The adventures of Huck finn, Of Mice, and men, James, and the giant peach, This one is shocking Diary of Ann frank, Animal farm, To kill a monking bird. and alot others, can you beleive this? WTF are our kids learning?

I can’t understand Harry Potter or Lord of the ring, or any book on that list, or just any book in general. How does banning books even make sense?

They want our kids to read, but they are limiting selections of books they might be interested in. You have to be interested in something to learn. I am not even sure why the diary of anne frank is being banned. It is our history. It is like they are trying to ignore what has happened and just pick and choice what they learn. Make things seem better in the world then it really is. It called socially offensive.

First, where do you live?

animal farm was one of the creepyist books (and movie) of all time, and it indirectly talked about communism and socialism. The diary of Anne Frank is a diary of a girl who survived the holocaust. To kill a mocking bird is all about morals and ethics and racial discrimination.

Dont know much about the other classics, as i havent read them.

Is Mein Kampf, The Prince, uncle toms cabin, Maos last dancer, the boy in the striped pajama’s, Mao’s little red book banned, could you list all the books?

what grade is this?

Whats wrong with Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings? :eh:

Personaly I see nothing wrong with them, but I can see it from a schools point of view being of spirituality. I just dont know about the rest of the books.

Well, I can understand animal farm, The Prince, and Mein Kampf

Honestly, I don’t understand the ban of ANY of the books you’ve mentioned, Kava. I haven’t read Animal Farm, I only know it’s about communism and Soviet leaders being symbolized by the animals. If the book spreads the idea of communism, I could understand a ban. And Huck Finn is infamous for the use of the N-word, if I’m not mistaken, so I can understand that one too.
But Lord of the Rings? That book is the beginning of modern fantasy literature! You can’t deny it has earned its place in literature history! As for Harry Potter, I don’t see anything wrong with that? Are teachers afraid that kids will start studying magic and occultism? And although not having read her diaries, I know the story of Anne Frank, and I don’t know why said diaries should be banned either - it’s certainly not promoting national socialism.

What kind of school (you know, High School, etc.) is that school, by the way?

Knowledge is dangerous. Burn the books!

But seriously, this kind of thing happens all the time, especially in the U.S. It’s essentially about control over what kids know and making sure they don’t get any revolutionary ideas like maybe everyone should be equal, etc. It’s very appalling, actually.

I detest this. If I was at a school that did this I would make a point to read most of them, and discuss them often. I love LOTR especially and Harry Potter is good too.

omg, that would suck! :confused: No offence to anyone here, but I honestly can’t understand americans are still so paranoid about comunism… I don’t understand banning any books at all in what is called a “democracy”.

Not that I really understand any of them, but the Lord of the Rings remains a total mystery…

And again, where is this? :smile:

Exactly! One step away from Fahrenheit 451 :tongue:

Why are you so shocked? You’re basically living in a police state. Nazi Germany did the same thing, as did every other totalitarian state in history.

Ironically, even with the internet, this generation is going to be the dumbest yet.

I think i should read Mein Kampf and finish The Prince and the communist manifesto just to annoy all of the government censorships. You do know that they keep records in librarys of who gets certain books (like Mein Kampf for example) and monitor internet searches ( I wouldnt be suprised if the FBI or homeland security has tabs on my internet, beacause i look up things like how to make exploses and I own Mein Kampf, The communist manifesto, The Prince, Mao’s little red book, books on marxism, and many others.)

I’m curious Kava, what is that list based on? Because where I went to school, there were no banned book. It also wasn’t that long ago :tongue:

In fact I remember being required to read To Kill A Mockingbird (and then using it in a research paper >.<), Anne Frank, Huck Finn, James & The Giant Peach, Of Mice and Men, and many others. My class didn’t, but my friend’s class also had to read Animal Farm.
There were also no problems with reading Harry Potter or LOTR.

I’m fairly certain none of the schools around here have any banned books.

I’ve heard of some of these books being on the banned list from a petition in our local library to keep these books from being banned.

Most of the banning is being done in Catholic and/or Christian schools and Harry Potter is the big offender because of the witchcraft. Here’s an article written 3 years ago but if you google the topic you’ll be able to find more.

Banning books isn’t new, it’s been happening for a long time now. It’s new books that are being added to the list.

I know most of my points have already been stated in some form (banning is bad, OMG I can’t believe what’s on the list, etc.), but I feel compelled to write simply because this is such a huge moral issue.

All books are banned because of some form of ignorance. Maybe the person arguing for the book’s banning has never read it. Maybe those who would ban Harry Potter can’t step out of the 17th century. It could be that parents don’t want their kids to be exposed to the sort of violence that they’re going to hear about anyway. Whatever the reason, there is an element of ignorance involved.
Maybe reading a bit more can fix that.

Well said. I agree with you 100%. It makes me sad that people don’t want to read or think books are bad.

My school doesn’t ban books; in fact, it encourages reading things like Animal Farm. It was required reading for sophmores in some High Level classes.

OMG that book is on the list too.

Woah, What the? My school actually makes us read “Of mice and men” and “To kill a mockingbird” for english 2.

Kinda weird, I don’t see much wrong with the novels.

Ill try to find the list, I cant remmber what I saw it in I think it was USA Weekend, or something. The catagories of why these books are being banned are…
socialy offensive
too much sex
too polotical

Heres a list… … books.html
Ha, how ironic is it that Farrenhite 451 is banned. Who the hell decides this crap? This one is so hillarious… … aurice-sen dak