Banned For No Reason

Okay. So I was banned from a website for no reason. Apparently I was arguing with staff which can get you banned. But I wasn’t arguing with her. They abused their power and banned me for no reason.

This is the reason he gave me for banning me.
4. Arguing With Staff
Arguing with staff decisions in open threads is not permitted. If you disagree with a staff decision (whether directed at you or someone else) post a thread in the Talk To Staff section or send a Private Message to either the staff-member you disagree with or the forum administrator.

I was not arguing with her in an open thread. I private messaged her and was talking to her because she is always on my case to change my gif.

Than this happened. I posted this on a rant thread and she replied to it. No one told her to reply.
Below is what I commented just to rant. Not even mentioning her name.
“Stop asking me to change my signature. Its getting annoying. Please jump on other people other than me.”
Than she replied
“Lol, well then stop making it bigger than the limit. Not that hard. And next time if you have a gripe, post in TTS.”

Number 1
I went to the thread so I wouldn’t have to talk to her.
Number 2
I did not want to talk with their staff.So I said what is written below
“Last time you told me 200 was fine. If I had the message I would show you but I deleted it months ago. Also, I can post it here if I want to. You can’t tell me not to post it here. Feel free to forcefully delete my signature if you want because I’m not going to change it. I followed your rule when making the gif. You jumping on me because of my gif is one of the reasons I made it.”

I got points taken off for this and for sarcastically saying in a "why are you happy today?"thread
“I got a pm for having a big gif again. Think this is the third time. Best day ever.xD”

How is that arguing with staff? Apparently the right to speak your mind is arguing.

Than after responding to someone who wanted to know what happened the staff banned me. I said whats below.

“But what was unprofessional was that I got points off for saying it made me happy( sarcastically) and that I somehow revealed what was our buisiness. I didn’t even state her name. She replied to me on the rant thread.Okay. Im done now.>.>”

So apparently this is arguing too. Even after I changed my avatar. In the end they only chose to ban me because of how close they are. The reasons they gave me were not justified.

That sucks. Some sites, like one of the other major lucid dreaming forums, have ban-happy mods. I just steer clear of those sites.

I can see the point of having a rule about continuously openly arguing about moderator decisions. BUT the other side of the coin is that they should be making the right decisions in the first place. :tongue:

Ah, well. It’s not worth it to go back there to admins who don’t know how to enforce their rules properly so I’m never going back there. Even if it was a temporary ban.

Although…I’m tempted to go back ONLY for the people I like there. ^^"