Becoming lucid for no apparent reason..

Last night I had a dream, in which I didn’t think I was lucid at all. I was thinking, in the dream, about how I was in danger. Then I thought, “It doesn’t matter, I’m dreaming.” Nothing really triggered me becoming lucid, and it was like I knew it all along. Even after I said that to myself I just went throughout the dream, not giving it a second thought. It was just really weird for me… Most LDs I have are triggered by something, and it was like in this dream it was just a random thought, which I didn’t pursue after thinking it. :eh: Anyone else experience things like this?

Yes, it sounds like a low level lucid. I hate when i realize im dreaming and then continue on with the dream.

actually, most of my LDs happen for reasons that aren’t really logical at all. it’s not like something is triggered it’s more like the realization just wakes up when it feels like it. but after the realization, i act on it shrug

Yes thats because our brain works with neurological pathways…sort of network…a ld is just that the network is more connected to the rest of our consciousness and not just to the limmitted dream conscious brain parts of the neurological network. So there doesnt have to be a real cause like oh it was this or that what made me lucid…more a matter of connections open or blocked so the sum of the whole is greater then before and less limitted.


I dont think i understood one thing you juss said jeff :content:

There is something weird i noticed about when i lucid dream. Whenever i’m lucid,. and i just sit or stand in one place, and do nothing… i just wake up. Does this happen to anyone else?
sorry i kno it doesn’t relate to the topic

Spiritual, do you do that bcause you can’t figure out what to do or do you wake up before you can think?

Most of my LDs just happen without any RC or anything. Ij ust suddenly realize I’m dreaming. Most of all when I get bored in a dream I’ll suddenly just get this feeling like, ok I can stop pretending I don’t know this is a dream and go do something else. Kind of like I’m in a movie that gets too boring so I decide to stop acting?

I did the same thing when I guy pickpocketed me in my dream :grrr:

Many of my LD’s have occurred out of nowhere…in fact, my first one I can remember just suddenly occurred when I thought to do an RC at random. These LD’s can be as vivid as any other! My latest, most vivid LD (in a city) occurred out of nowhere…I can’t think of a single thing that triggered my realization.

when i was little i had a lucid dream. I didnt do any of the MILDS and stuff. I didnt know bout that. I remember in my dream that i just suddenly realized that i was dreaming. i told all the people in my dream that it was a dream and to remember me when they woke up. but of course i cant make people have the same dream as me…but i have figured out a way to make other people dream the same thing you dream…its easy…sorta…but you have to wake up early so nah i dont want ta

I too have had this experience of just simply realizing I was dreaming and then becoming lucid. It can probably accout for 25% of my lucids. The others are resluts of RCs or recognizing dreamsigns. But these two things are hard to remember to do while dreaming. If I could simply just “realize” that I’m dreaming I think I would be able to have many more LDs. How exactly can this be done? How can I get better at “just realizing its a dream”?

I don’t even do RCs in my dreams. I just all of a sudden say “I’m draming” from out of the blue. Just think of how many more LDs I could be having once I master RCs in my dreams :grin:.

If I could simply just “realize” that I’m dreaming I think I would be able to have many more LDs. How exactly can this be done? How can I get better at “just realizing its a dream”?

Can I please get some input on this?

TheSeeker – You could try some MILDing (repeating to yourself before sleeping “I am dreaming. This is a dream.”) I don’t have this type of dream on a regular basis – Most of the LD’s I’ve had are caused from seeing something odd in my dream and suddenly realizing that I am dreaming.

So, really, just realizing that you’re dreaming is just as hard as anything else. You really can’t get better at LDing without working on something, whether it be WILD, MILD, or anything else.

What I’m trying to say is that in the dream I described, I still caused it by using MILD (I think!) I just didn’t notice any dream signs. Ugh, I’m not making much sense tonight…


Yeah, try repeating something like that before you go to sleep. This is basically what gets me all of my LDs, I rarely use RCs.