Been cubed?

So who here has been cubed? If you have… don’t say anything that might ruin it for anyone else!!! If you haven’t don’t skip ahead! I thought it might be interesting to cube ourselves because I think interpreting the imagery is much like interpreting a dream.
I read a book on this years ago. Supposedly this is an ancient game. You are asked to imagine some things and then each of these things is a means something. Supposedly there is something in the human psyche that causes these symbols to be accurate. Like maybe a race memory. I don’t know about that but its kind of fun. You make up your own mind.

Ok… for anyone thats interested, I’ll list the things that you have to imagine and then when you’re ready, and have your image in mind, go to the link I post at the bottom or PM me for the meaning behind the imagery. Don’t find out ahead of time or its ruined. The image has to be created by you BEFORE you know its meaning in order for it to be accurate (also don’t read other peoples cubes before you imagie your own… avoid influence!). Now close your eyes (while you’re imagining not reading q=) Imagine as much about these things as you can. What they are made of, etc.:

1 Imagine a desert landscape.

2 In the desert there is a cube.

3 Also in the desert, there is a ladder.

4 Somewhere in the scene there is a horse.

5 Next imagine a storm in the desert.

6 Finally, there are flowers in the desert.

No go to or PM me and I’ll give you the meaning behind the imagery.

I thought it might be cool for people to post their cubes here too. NOT what they mean, lest we give it away to someone by mistake but rather the scene that you imagined.

My desert is dry and dusty. Bits of scrub grass poke up out of the bakled earth. In the background, on the left there is a plateau of rock rising up into the sky. The sky itself is dark and the storm threatens but its not doing a thing now except perhaps blowing a little wind.
My cube is iridescent and rainbow hued. It stands on a point… or rather floats on a point an inch or two above a white Greek column pedestal.
Around the base of the pedestal grow tiny red flowers. There are a lot of them growing all around the pedestal.
Behind the cube is a ladder. Its not a folding job… its one that leans, made out of wood. It leans toward the cube but doesn’t actually rest on it. It just sort of seems to support itself on the air.
The horse is brown, in the background between the cube and the plateau (closer to the cube) and it wear blinders. It is calm and quietly grazes on small vegtetation.

Well, thats mine. When interpreting these things its important to not just pay attention to the visuals of the imagery but also the words you use to describe the visuals if you get me. Like if you describe the cube as being cold… that means something.

Ok LostBoy, enlighten me. :grin:

My desert was entirely sand, no rock. The immediate landscape was fairly flat, though defined by a pattern of low dunes every 30 or 40 meters. The sun was directly overhead, intensifying the brightness of the yellow sand. In the distance, much larger dunes blocked the horrizon and gave me the feeling that this was the very center of the desert.

The cube was black, and was upright on one of it’s corners. The sun failed to highlight it, and I got the impression that it was extremely hard, cold and heavy. Perhaps it was stone? Several meters from the cube was a wooden ladder, laying flat on the ground and at no significant angle.

On the other side of the cube from the ladder was a dark brown horse. Almost motionless, it was staring at the cube. Somehow despite the lack of grass in the desert, this horse seemed well fed. It’s mane and tail were as black as the curious object before it.

In the distance, over the horrizon the clouds were now dark gray, and the large dunes were almost no longer visible. This very static scene now came alive as the wind strengthened, and sand began to lift off the ground. The horse was taking no notice of this, still entranced by the unusual cube. The wind was now howling past the small dunes, and the black sky was growing.

At the base of the cube, yellow flowers extend for a few feet in all directions. They appear to be the only vegetation for a thousand miles.

1 Imagine a desert landscape.
…No visible ending to the vast gently sloping sandy hills, a sunny day, no-one else around, no buildings or roads, just sand…
2 In the desert there is a cube.
…Made of crystal, totally see-through, measuring roughly 1.5 X 1.5 metres. The same height as me!
3 Also in the desert, there is a ladder.
…Old wooden one, very thick and sturdy, stained with paint splashes and has very smooth steps, leaning against the cube with its feet dug into the soft sand.
4 Somewhere in the scene there is a horse.
…Off into the distance, a very dark colour, no visible saddle, looks like a wild horse, head raised and looking this way.
5 Next imagine a storm in the desert.
…Yuk, sand storm, not violent but blowing an awful lot of sand around the place. The horse is standing with his tail to the storm shielding his head from the wind.
6 Finally, there are flowers in the desert.
One or two colourful low-lying shrubby desert plants, roughly half-way between the horse and the cube. At first I pictured them inside the cube though, but thought they didn’t belong their so I moved them out far away from me.


Hmmm… its so interesting reading those when you know what the pieces are supposed to represent. Should I talk about the specifics here and risk giving away the “game” to people who haven’t visualized yet? Meh… if they’re reading down this far without doing it they probably don’t care anyway, right?

I think that much of this is done by yourself though people who know you closely would probably be able to spot some of you in these signs. I obviously don’t know you well enough to say, Atheist but perhaps I could suggest…

I won’t go through your whole scene but maybe a few examples of how you could be looking at this… your desert is brightly lit perhaps meaning that you have a positive attitude toward life? Composed of only sand perhaps you see life as a constantly shifting thing. No rocks nothing is stable or to be exepected or perhaps that could also mean that you feel without reference points in your life. I dunno…

As for me… take my flowers. I have lots of little red ones that scatter themselves around my pedestal. I have so many likes and even with the big ones (drawing, vids etc) I will leave them sometimes and go onto other projects or interests. This isnt an inconsistency or neglect for all of the flowers are healthy and well tended but there are a lot of them… small because I spread my attention over so many. See how I’m looking at it?

I think the process is a lot like looking at dreams. Although I am not sure that all dreams mean something. I guess this game could easily be taken skeptically and taken from the viewpoint that you can read anything into these symbols. But I think that knowing yourself, and knowing what the symbols are supposed to mean can give you a sort of epiphany. maybe start you thinking about how you really think of things.


I think you have the right idea with this, and I also think that the images generated by the mind can portray a very detailed and accurate view of the subjects personality. However (and I know you made this clear), I’m not sure your translation of mine was quite accurate.

Those who know me closely, often consider me to be the most pessemistic person on the face of the planet. This usually results in an argument in which I claim to be neither optimistic, nor pessemistic, but rather simply realistic. You may not fully understand what I’m talking about, but basically I only expect what I’ve seen happen before. Optimists are often delusional. I base my expectations on what has already happened. It’s called ‘playing the odds’. If something usually dosn’t work, I wont expect it to next time. :wink:

But enough of that, I’m just making a point. I think my bright desert may instead represent emptiness, and the feeling of being lost. The fact that it was so bright may be simply so I can better see just how big the emptiness is. The ladder was laying on the sand, instead of being used in a helpful or constructive way.

It’s interesting what you can come up with doing these activities. :smile:

:happy: wow this was interesting to do. here’s mine:

The desert consisits of sand, and is boardered by talk sand colored mountains. The cube is white, and tall like a building. The ladder is made of worn wood and leans up to the top of the cube. The cube has a doorway on one side big enough for people to walk into; it is dark inside (as there are no other holes in the cube), and appears to be made of some sort of natural matterial (it’s too uniform in color to be stone). The horse is dark brown and wild. It just happens to be standing by the cube. The storm is a dust storm, and is in the distance. Other than the dust storm, the sky is blue. The flowers are everywhere like just after a huge rainstorm goes through a desert; they are mostly white flowers, but some are other colors. The flowers are medium sized - not too big or too small.

Hmmmm… thats interesting Atheist. Your cube is dark and cold… not lit by the sun… and then you say that you are often seen to be pessimistic. The sun in your dessert is not warming your cube… hmmm. :smile:

I have a book about the cube. It presents ideas that seem to be common meanings for different aspects of the visualisation. For instance… cubes that balance on one corner, like mine for instance, tend to come from people who are perfectionists. This is by no means a universal decoder but they are interpretations that, through many interviews, the autors have found to be most common. Your ladder laying on the ground doesn’t necessarily mean that friends have no use for you but rather you keep friends around you that don’t need to support themselves on you?

Greyfyre… you have a door into your cube, do you consider yourself an open person… like to let people inside your head or heart? But its dark inside… hmmmm. Do you like your friends to depend on you? Or do you feel like they do rely on you? Your ladder leans against you. A

Anyway… you can see how I’m looking at it. Technically you can only do this once because once you know what things mean that affects it BUT a funny thing happened when I posted this. When I was first cubed my horse was way in the background. Same horse… blinders, grazing in my desert… but when I was posting this, the horse was standing near my cube. When I was first cubed I was with my first girlfriend… someone who wasn’t right or me and now I am with a girl who suits me much better… who I am much closer with.

My desert is red with a blue sky and lots of soft shapes in the sand, pretty strong colors.
The cube is in the middle of the desert, it’s well placed into the ground. It is white, partly transparent, with a little stench of light blue. It looks like ice, but I think it was of glass. If you taste it, it is salt.
The ladder is made of rusty iron, I think. It is straight, and attached to the cube. The top of the ladder makes an u-turn and ends in the cube, like most ladders which are attached to an object would do.
In front of the cube, there is a grey/black donkey (!).
The storm is a sand storm, and it covers the ice cube, but the donkey is unaffected.
When I am going to think about the flowers, the storm suddently ends, it gets sunny, and they springs all over the place, and then I mean everywhere! (except on the cube) The most dominant colors of the flowers are green and violet (and I think yellow too).

I would be happy for any inputs on this cube.

It’s strange how everyone’s ladder is leaning up against their cube. It’s as if they felt that in some way the objects in the scene needed to connect in some way. My ladder was laying on the ground, almost thrown away from the scene - as if it was useless.

I couldn’t help but widen my eyes when I read your comment about the position of the cube. My cube was also balancing on one corner, and for pretty much my whole life I’ve been a perfectionist. That certainly dosn’t mean I do things better than anyone else, it just means I can’t rest until it’s, well, perfect. I can’t stand living in an untidy room, just as much as I can’t stand writing untidy code. Anyway, whether the position of the cube has anything to do with this or not, it’s intriguing non the less.

Well, I don’t know quite how to put it. I don’t go out of my way to open up to people, so those who know me best are the ones that kept at it. I feel that the reason my cube is dark on the inside is that I do not encourage people to get to know me better - only the ones brave enough to take a look dispite the lack of information from the outset find out what is on the inside.

As for the ladder, yeah, most of my friends rely on me. Most of the time it is for a second opinion or just someone to talk to. It’s funny, when I imagined the ladder it ‘felt’ rather light. I suppose it’s because I enjoy listening to the concerns and ideas of my friends.

And to the balanced cube on a corner folk, I don’t know how you do it. As long as it is done ‘suficiently’ well, it’s good in my book. :eh: Though reaching ‘suficient’ can be quite a task at times…

:wink: This exercise is a great way to take a good look at the kind of person you are/are becoming.

:grin: I think it may be time to knock out a few windows in the cube, and install some lighting.

You know whats really interesting Atheist… my cube balances on its corner too and I also have some of the perfectionist thing going. I am an artist (thought I don’t really like that term) and I don’t rest until a picture or piece is exactly how I want it to come out. I also don’t like being in messy rooms. Im not really uptight about it and lord knows I let my own clutter get out of hand at times but I am never fully comfortable when I do.

I don’t know what to think about the pool ladder attached to the salt cube. Hmmm… are you very attached to your friends? And a salt cube… puns can be important too as they make up a system of imagery for our minds. Are you the salt of the earth? About the horse being a mule… my book says that often when someone has a mule instead of a horse its because they see their mate as stubborn. Usually the illusion of romance has worn off. Perhaps you were annoyed the day you were cubed. If you don’t currently have someone then perhaps you prefer someone who is a little stubborn… stands up for what they want?

Greyfyre, I do find it interesting to do this sort of thing. Its fun if nothing else. Interesting still is what you said about knocking some windows in the house. If this desert/cube/horse/etc image IS indeed some sort of ingrained symbol of self-image then could a change themself by imagining the desert the way they want it to be? For instance… could I relax my perfectionist tendencies by imagining that my cube flop over on its side?

Here’s my picture.So far,I know I need to cram as many details in things as possible. :smile:

1.My desert landscape is just a flat arid plane.No hills, it’s just there with a pond off to the right side.It’s really bright and sunny on the ground,but the sky is a navy blue.

2.My cube is blue,like the ocean.It’s small,so it’s not in front of the sky.It’s not on a corner, but it’s leaning forward,like it’s about to tip over.

3.My ladder is right next to the cube.It’s right behind it and a little off the the right of the cube.It’s still in front of the pond.It’s also leaning away from the cube.

4.Way back in the background there is a brown horse just running from one side of the picture to the other.

5.The storm is also in the background in the shape of a dark cloud raining.It’s following the horse and the horse is running from it.

6.My flowers are right in front of the picture covering the foreground, but not covering any of my objects.They are red and have five petals(I don’t think the petals mean much though)

I also forgot to mention that my lader is wooden,and it seems polished.

Well, by just doing the cube exercise, we are made aware of anything we would like to change, so that in itself is a start. If we go a step further than just imagining the changes, by making a point of being like we want to be (eg, letting things just be ok rather than perfect, or opening up more) I think this could work to affect a significant change.

Perhaps if when we recognize a situation where we want to act different, imagine the cube the way we want it to be, and then act accordingly it would work?

ok, without having read any of the other replies i did it.
<edit, i read some of the descriptions now and i’ll be more specific :wink: >

at first i couldn’t imagine a desert. everything was flowery and shrubberish. i did my best to imagine a desert. finally there it was. golden white sand in mountains and quiet and peaceful. It is night. The sky is clear and the stars shine bright.

my cube didn’t start out as a cube but as a blue 4 side piramid with a white lotus like open flower on top. it was all shiny. it opened and out came a beam of light and in there was a cube rotating and going up into the ray of light. the cube was shiny. like glass but not of glass. it went up and up and finally came down again and settled into the sand at the place the pyramid was. eveything was shiny and glowing and pulsating with light.

after that a ladder. very very high reaching into the stars, until there was some kind of ceiling (darkblue) in which it ended. it came right out of the (now shining white) cube. the ladder was also made of a white material. and was also glowing a little. imagine pure white light condensed and shaped with a soft glow.

i had to peek then. oh yeah, a horse. the horse was white and had wings and it came from out of the sky and landed in the cube.

then a storm. gentle winds blow over the scene and avoiding the cube and ladder.

then the flowers. they came sudden and where many and covered the whole desert. all colors and shapes.

ok now i’ll read the others and wait for your interpretation :smile:

Q :wiske:

I find this kind of thing really interesting. The sky in my desert was dark, even though I had the feeling it wasn’t night yet. There was one cactus standing alone this brown and orange sand. It had hills all around, but tiny ones that would only go up to your knees. The wind was also blowing a little bit, but it came in tiny sweeps because you could see the sand twirling around in certain places. My cube was really tiny, not much bigger than a dice, and it was made of clear glass, even though I couldn’t really see through it. My horse was brown with a white spot, and it was kind of just standing by the cube, looking around. It had a saddle on. The storm was in the distance, and I could see it coming closer, it was made of dark grey, black and purple clouds, and lighting in between. I only had three flowers, they were pink with green leaves surrounding them. They weren’t really close to the cube, but they were all surrounding it. And the ladder was plain and wooden, and lying at no angle, really. Hmmm … :neutral:

Wow, pasQuale, that is some image. Without knowing you it would be hard to decode any of that but I can give you a few of the common meanings for some of the things you talk about.
A pyramid usually signifies a person who is a quiet behind the scenes person. Like an unsung hero… but your cube is coming out of the pyramid? Hmmmm… its clear but not glass… could be ice? Diamond?

A pegasus or flying horse can be someone who transports you to a good place… sweeps you off your feet (sometimes means someone who is new to you or feels new). Conversely it could literally mean that your “partner” flies… pilot or someone who flies a lot.

Many flowers could signify that you have many spread interests… love diversity. Or your children are all very distinct personalities.

Any of this hitting home? :content:

that i can relate to. maybe the cube coming out of the piramid says i’m literally ‘coming’ out. so instead of behing the scenes into the spotlight :cool:

no, more like the shape of the cube with outlines. like when it is hot you see the hot air above the road? something like that, but with cubey outlines.

yep, he definately has transported me to a good place :smile:

i don’t have children so that doesn’t fit.
i have many interest, that is true.

thanks, some of it is :smile: especially the pyramid part was. i thought i was strange having no cube but a pyramid :smile:

:wiske: Q

Good that somethings coming out of it. So the cube itself isnt made of anything but rather … uhm… insinuated… by the shape of these wavy heat distortions? Like the cube is made out of the ether?