Begginer needing help

I have been keeping a dream journal and have been writing in it, but i am still unable to have a LD i have been using MILD+FILD. I do MILD before i sleep, i repeat my my mantra ( i am gonna be aware i am dreaming ) i also visualize i am playing piano to help with FILD. and then i wake up at 3:20 to do the FILD. Am i doing something wrong? Any tips i should know? :help:

Are you doing RC s regularly during the day? If so, I would recommend it.

How long have you been keeping a journal?

It takes time to have your first intentional LD . Try to be patient and be persistent with the techniques. The LD will come, it just takes time.

I have been doing RCs, and ive had the journal for about 2 weeks

Then I would recommend being patient and diligent with the techniques. Your first LD will come and it will be absolutely amazing. :smile:

I will do that :smile:, do you have any tips or techniques that would help?

Right now I am in the same situation as you. After going several years without trying to have LD 's I am right back at the beginning. I do RC 's throughout the day, I ask myself if I a dreaming all the time, I use MILD every night when I am trying to fall asleep, and I am keeping a dream journal which I review for dream signs. The only difference is I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these techniques will work, it just takes time.

So do you think dream journaling every morning and RCs thru out the day and mantras before i sleep will get me to lucid dreaming or is there something else i should do?

All of that plus strong desire to have LD 's should do it.

Do you think “i am gonna be aware i am dreaming” is a good mantra

I’d say keep it short and simple. Yours is already that so I wouldn’t change too much. Although, I’d suggest making it proper English. I have no evidence that this works, I just made it up then, but I have a feeling it will have an effect. “I am going to be aware that I am dreaming tonight.” Sounds like a pretty solid one.