[size=75][color=darkred]Hey guys

I’ve never joined a forum before but I needed help with attaining my goal.
which is to be able to attain lucidity whenever I want basically.
Im definitely new to the actual practice, but have read alot so i know the basics.
But to get to it, the problem that I have been having is when I become lucid I am able to walk around and think for a little bit, the first thing I want to try is flying.
When I try to fly i just cant seem to lift off the ground, Its as if gravity still applies.
Ive tried stacking objects and jumping off of them and nothing has worked. So as Im trying to lift off my dream always convinces me its reality again, and i slip back into unconsciousness.
So do you guys have any tips on what I can do?
Another problem I have is waking up once i realize im lucid due to the excitement.
any advice would help, thanks[/color][/size]

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Hello, Patches :content:

Ah flight, the most popular yet strangely difficult things to do in an LD. I think it all boils down to us being unable to cope with the fact that gravity doesn’t apply. One of the first time I tried the lower half of my body floated away without my upper half :tongue:.

Here’s a link to a whole bunch of different flying techniques you might want to give a go. If all else fails, finding a flying machine like a hoverboard or a jetpack can make things easier at first.

Now, extending your dream is quite a bit easier. My personal favorite tech is to rub your hands together. Even if your vision is completely blanked out, and you can even somewhat feel your RL body, as long as you hold on to that sensation you can get back into the dream. Another good one is either spinning or falling down backwards (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt; you’re dreaming after all), and both of them can be combined with hand rubbing.

Alright thanks man. Ill give it a try tonight.
If i can attain lucidity again…
haha last night i was trying the WILD approach
and got to the point where i was conscious during this weird visual of letters floating in mud and swirling around, but once the actual dream started i lost myself.
:meh: frustrating