Different styles of flying

So, waking up this morning from a flying session, I had a thought. A lot of people have trouble flying as well as our good flyers. SO, I was thinking that maybe we can come up with different styles of flying to help flyers-in-training. If you have a suggestion, say it here, and it will be tested by me next time I’m lucid, which happens every few days. It would also be nice if we could get other people to test these. I’m just asking to try flying like this for a minute, then continue on with your dream, that’s all.

Results: yes
A lot of people use swimming to fly. I myself use it to take off. To be good at this, you really can’t just swim and expect to go somewhere. You have to want it. You have to make yourself go forward. This is a slow method of flying all the time, but it’s good for taking off, if you can use this really launch yourself.

Spread your arms
Results: yes
This is really only good for gliding, not flying. You can however use it to take off like a plane.

Results: yes
This can accelerate you very well, but it has crap for steering. This could be used to go fast, then switch to something else.

Transverse wave
Results: yes
I have tried this many times. You can’t take off with it, because that’s not how it works. Basically, you just let yourself move along this path with little effort. If you dont know what a transverse wave is: ~ At least, that’s the best I can give you. Somewhere on Newgrounds is a video about a Lakitu giving Mario a physics lesson, and he talks about transverse waves. In my results, this is very slow and very hard. OBSOLETE!

Results: yes
For this, you just put your hands by your side and just take off/fly with only mind power. Taking off is kinda hard, and you’ll probly just start doing transverse wave. Flying is kinda hard, but diving in through something, say a window or mirror, is pretty easy, and easy to steer. I only use this when I dive to or through something when I’m already flying.

Object assistance
Results: yes
A lot of novice flyers use this to help them fly, and it works for just about everyone. First, imagine something that will help you fly (say, a jetpack). Use this object to fly, and you’re flying.

Results: yes
By popular demand, this gets its own category. This includes growing wings. Do you really need an explanation?

Super jump
Results: eh
You can’t really use this to fly, but you can use it to take off. Basically, you jump really high, and start flying. I have superjumped around in a few dreams, but never used it to take take off. It worked for 521 tho. Kudos for the idea, xxx521xxx!

Results: eh
You step up stairs that aren’t there, and when you’re high, start flying. Another good idea by xxx521xxx

Imagine it
Results: eh
You imagine yourself flying, and fly. Not much to it.

Falling that way
Results: no
Try changing gravity for you so that you fall the way you want to go

Results: no
Control the “air” around in your dream, as if you were airbending (like from Avatar) and make the air force you into the air and wherever you want to go.

And that’s all I have for now. I would really like someone to share their own data about these and fill in my blanks. More techniques would also be appreciated.

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I haven’t been able to fly in an LD yet, but I flew in an ND once using an “endless jump”. Basically, I jumped into the air and didn’t come down. I also had the idea to close your eyes, visualize yourself flying, and let the visualization become your dream scene. Oh yeah, don’t forget the method of using a jet pack or some other object to fly! :wink:

I also tried two methods without success: the first is to close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like if you were flying. Then, open your eyes and you should be flying. It didn’t work for me, though. The second method is to “step into flight”. It’s kind of like stepping onto invisible stairs, and once you aren’t touching the ground anymore, start flying! That didn’t work for me, either. But they might work for someone else. :shrug:

Thanks for the ideas and info xxx521xxx

I added them and another technique I just thought of

You can try growing wings, transforming into a bird or dragon, ride a winged unicorn (or something), imagine that the air is pushing you really high and fast and then control where it will take you! :grin:

I tried to fly superman style once. It’s easy to accelerate. I found myself flying very fast without want to fly so fast. But i couldnt brake when i wanted to stop. There is lots of problems with turning, changing height etc.

I’ve used this in one of my LD’s. It’s from DBZ ( Dragon Ball Z ) Well if you’ve watched it you would know it as a Kamahamaha. I used this through my hands and then i needed to get in the air fast to dodge an attack. ( Yes part of this dream was realated to DBZ it was sweet ) What i did is imagined it coming out of my feet and it did. I flew straight up and held my arms in the air to make a shield it was invisible then he shot something and i blocked it. So you might wanna try the feet thing. :content:

I will add those.

Growing wings and riding a unicorn would be object assistance. Transformation would kind of be object assistance. And the kamehemaha thing, that would also be object assistance, the blast is what shot you up (or so it seems :wink: )

I like the Swan Dive approach myself. Maybe that’s what you meant by Spread Your Arms… Anyway, I feel extremely acrobatic flying in this manner, being able to twist and flip and roll with ease and precision. Very Crouching Tiger-ish… Though, I usually keep my hands closer to my hips rather than fully spread out…

I use a variation of the superman style. Essesntially I imagine a force pushing out my feet (think, feet installed jetpack), to control steering I “will” myself to where I want to go. For me I have excellent control over spped and the ability to turn quickly and precisly.

I tried to fall upward. Well. it happened on it’s own at first, then i tried to make it happen. I fell in different directions, sort of back and forth at first, then to the side. I wanted to go up. I couldn’t control it, only make some change happen. I was caught by the wind once. No control there at all.
I havn’t tried much else than the flying by willpower. But I can’t control direction well at all, I can usually go up, stopping is a little harder. In my defence I don’t practice flying much even though I want to because it has made me wake up alot. I tried a little air swimming last time I slept to help me along. Only a little. Didn’t really provide much help. Oh yeah. just remembered. I had an object help me fly once, It was kind of effective. greater speed. Up until now I hadn’t thought that different techniques would really do any difference. But, I am willing to try.

I use the nothing method. It works great for me, but I was doing it in ND’s befor I started LD’ing so it just seems natural for me. I have full control over speed direction and no problems takeing off or landing. This might have something to do with the fact that I have had a lot more ND’s then most of you befor I started LD’ing, and was flying in them, so had a lot of dream time flying befor I had my first LD.

I personally think that the swimming method would be the most fun. At least for messing with dream characters.

I think anything could work, it’s simply more dependent on your expectations.

Just what I think.

Just like don, I had already mastered flying through NDs before I knew what a LD was.

Dunlar, what do you mean by Swan Dive? I need more detail. I don’t really know what a Swan Dive is.

[color=darkblue]I tend to be able to fly wherever I want, whenever I want and with relative ease. Sometimes it can take me a couple of tries to get off the ground, but once I’m in the sky, I can fly about as long as I want to.

A habit of mine in ND’s seems to be flying up into the clouds and swirling the clouds around very fast, seeing how low I can fly and how fast or snatching birds from the air![/color]

Im always flying in FLD and ND’s…and its relatively easy for me. I can get off the ground, sometimes the wind factor plays an issue, its as if Im being blown away, but nonetheless… its really fun. The best one I probably remember was when I was flying over the sea, it was so realistic…

A Swan Dive is a maneuver that swimmers sometimes do when jumping off a diving board into a pool. What I meant is the position the body takes, a chest-first arch, like in the link I gave. I also fly that way for the aesthetics… Superman style just seems dorky (no offense, LM :tongue: )…

Last time I flew, I just sat cross-legged and levitated upside down - makes for some interesting conversation with the ol’ Dream Characters…

thanks for the ideas

I’ll try these tonight. Although the previous night, in a FLD I had, I noticed something interesting; I was thinking the previous night that I could use wind to carry me up. And I have vague memory of it working. Just let the wind blow so hard it carries you up, up! :happy:

If you didn’t know I have a lot of trouble flying in LD’s, no matter how hard I try.

i usually do the “swimming” method, last time i tried the superman i went REALLY fast, and flew into space… scared the hell outa me!

Last night I did Superman style, and yelled out “Up, up, and away!” just to be silly… :smile: It worked well enough…